Wednesday, August 12, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was interesting. These past few transfers we've been doing a FHE in members houses every week. It's cool b/c it integrates the members and recent converts better, and investigators can also go. So Monday we had a FHE. Tuesday had district meeting and we found a cool person: L. Wednesday we had a integration night, or an activity that we've also been doing every Wednesday for the past few transfers. It's pretty cool, we say a prayer, sing a song, there's a message of 5-10 minutes, then we have games and we mess around for the rest of the time. It's pretty legit. Then Thursday we helped a less active we were teaching that had problems with her husband move to Goiania. We just helped her package things and get things organized. Then she gave us a cool member reference that I'm pretty sure will baptize the Saturday I come home. We also taught L. a little about the gospel. Then Friday we followed up with them, Saturday too and L. went to church! So pray for them. L. has 3 kids and is single and the member reference (Z.) is also single w/ a son. Z. needs a job and also needs to go to church and stop drinking coffee.

My birthday was yesterday. It was cool, we had lunch with a cool member that likes to give us food. Lunch was really good and after, had a 2-layered cake. Suuuper good!

Thanks for the e-mails! Have a great week!

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