Monday, July 13, 2015

White House Branch

     Don't send me any more packages from now on, I won't receive them because I'm in Barra do Garças and here is closed from everything. I'll just receive it right before I enter the airplane to go home, so it isn't worth it. Just wait til when I come home for stuff.

     I'm going to be traning this transfer! His name is Elder Tiago! (that means James) He's from São Paulo and shows up here Wednesday night. I'm going to stay w/ E. Lima Costa until then and then he'll go to the other area in Barra.

     There were some cool things that happened this past week,

     One day I killed 16 cockroaches in our house. Just call me roach bane. It's actually not too bad, maybe I'm used to it but it's fun hunting them every day after showing up at home.

     Saturday we had a festa julina or festa caipira. Or in English red-neck party. It was cool, I went in the goiás flag tie that mom gave me. The missionaries and a few other guys went around serving everyone yucca cheese cake, popcorn, soda, and other things. There's a food in Brazil called pamonha. It's really good. They get the corn kernels from the corn, shred/grind them, then clump it together and put a few other things in, form it into a small rectangle thing, put the corn husks around it and boil it. It's reaallly good. I'm pretty sure that it would make a huge hit in the south.

     Also I ate cheese ice cream. 

     There was also a guy in the branch that was the young men's president that's a recent convert of 6 months. He was released from his calling and yesterday was called as 2nd councilor in the bishopbric, branch secretary, and already had the calling of family history consultant. Crazy. But he's way cool and we're talking with his mom and she's in 2N 19. She said that she would stop taking coffee yesterday. So she's progressing! She's espirita, they normally take more time to baptize, but she's a dry Mormon and will help the branch a lot in the future.

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