Tuesday, June 9, 2015

White House Branch

My new comp is Elder Lima Costa! He's from a small city in ParanĂ¡ called Arapongas. He's super chill. It's great whenever you get a chill companion that's obedient. Also, we go running in the morning and we work out at a park that's 30 seconds from our house. It's pretty great to do that b/c I've only lived with 5 elders on the mish that were willing to run in the morning.

cool foods:
sweet rice. It's rice, milk, sugar, and a few other things put in a pressure pan. then you put it in the fridge and after being chilled, is ready to eat. It's SOO GOOD! I think it's my second time eating it.

dough cake. One of the guys in the ward made a dough cake. It's pretty good. I was surprised that it wasn't too bad. It was kinda like pancakes that didn't rise but were cooked but in cake form.

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