Monday, June 29, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was pretty cool. We talked with a tooon of people and one of the people we talked with this past week came to church! He's pretty cool! He smokes, but he's got a strong desire to quit and already cut from 10 cigarettes/day to 5. He traveled to São Paulo for 2 weeks, so he's going to be baptized August 1st. He's super sweet.

Starting a few weeks ago, we can only e-mail time for an hour, so I never had time to put this in. But 2 weeks ago, we went to the beach! We went with this cool member. (the ward mission leader) This city is a tourist city, so there are a lot of people that come here. One of the attractions is the beach on the river. In this time of the year, there is little rain and the river gets really shallow and the banks of the river are really sandy. It's really cool. Here are some pics!

Last p-day we made lasagna at the member's house and it was really good. We also made potato bread. -- super good!!!

Also this morning we woke up really early and we hiked to the top of a mountain with that same member. On the top of the mountain is a Christ statue like there is in Rio de Janeiro. The only difference is that the Christ statue here is a loooot smaller. But it's cool. Then we went down the trail a bit more and there were a lot of cool waterfalls, BIG waterfalls. It was cool and there were a few pools where there was warm water to sit in. (we didn't go, but the member that took us there told us it was really comfy)

It was legendary.

Monday, June 22, 2015

White House Branch

 Soo, this e-mail didn't send last week. But here's what happened...
   This past week was pretty sweet. So y'all remember Se. and Vir.? He's getting divorced this week and marking a wedding date this week too (with her, and he was married a long time ago but split up and didn't ever have money to split up)! yeah! They're eternal investigators of one year. It was always my desire to help some et's baptize. Woo!! 2 Sundays ago I talked with a lawyer in our branch if he could help him out. He said that he doesn't work with divorces but he could talk with a friend. Then he called us on Friday and said that his friend could help them out and do the divorce for free! (they already had the papers done and all of the children were already grown up.) Then Sunday the lawyer talked with them and they got really excited! Also, we're helping them with addictions and this morning we brought a 14 pound bag of oranges to their house to help with cigarettes. (eat an orange whenever you are craving a cigarette) That also animated them.

    One of their nephews or something like that (relative) is preparing to be baptized this month too! he already came to church once! and another too! but he lives in the area of the other elders, so we passed him to them.

Ma. and N. are doing well, they went to a branch activity this past week. It's really expensive to marry in Brazil if you're from another city. You have to have your birth certificate from your home city and you have to had gotten it from there in the past 90 days if you want to marry. Pray for them to not get disanimated!

I don't have time bye!

W. (V.) and Is. got baptized!
(W sometimes makes the sound of V)

     So I'm teaching English class here and I'm running out of resources to use. Could y'all send me a few tongue twisters and ideas to use? 
     Also, we're doing something that's basically a family home evening, but it's a branch activity every Wednesday night. We're running out of ideas for the activity. We used "Do You Love Your Neighbor", "Mafia," "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile," the pterodactyl game, charades, and a few other interesting and different games. But do y'all have any ideas for some party games that we can play with them that aren't too complicated?
     This area's pretty sweet. When you show up at the door and knock, a lot of them will call you into their home even before knowing who you are. And they already offer you water right when you show up. So you show up in their living room and see if they're interested or not. 
     There's a cool member here that likes to cook. We went over to his house earlier today and we made lasagna at his house. He also gives us home-made bread once a week/once every other week. Last week he made us rice casserole in the oven. It was really, really good.
     I ate corn ice cream! It was weird! Ice cream but corn flavored! But it was good. Here has a lot of different flavors of ice cream that are exotic and cool.
     Se. and Vir. got a little disanimated because it's ridiculously expensive do divorce and marry in Brazil. But they are still going to church!

have a great week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

White House Branch

My new comp is Elder Lima Costa! He's from a small city in Paraná called Arapongas. He's super chill. It's great whenever you get a chill companion that's obedient. Also, we go running in the morning and we work out at a park that's 30 seconds from our house. It's pretty great to do that b/c I've only lived with 5 elders on the mish that were willing to run in the morning.

cool foods:
sweet rice. It's rice, milk, sugar, and a few other things put in a pressure pan. then you put it in the fridge and after being chilled, is ready to eat. It's SOO GOOD! I think it's my second time eating it.

dough cake. One of the guys in the ward made a dough cake. It's pretty good. I was surprised that it wasn't too bad. It was kinda like pancakes that didn't rise but were cooked but in cake form.

Monday, June 1, 2015

White House Branch

So... this past week was pretty great, we worked a lot and sweated a lot. It's like SC here, and it's supposed to get even hotter, up in the 100's in a month or two. It's pretty great in this area, the members are really cool and there's always the cool unity that small branches/wards have.

I bought some shoes here and I looked at the taxes and federal taxes here are 26.24%!!! That's ridiculously high!! I was talking with one person and they said that Brasil has the highest taxes of almost every country in the world.

This past week, we killed and prepared a chicken! It was weird because it was squawking a lot.. and it kept moving after it should've. but it's cool. Also, someone this past week said the following. (Little boy that plays with fire pees in the bed) I thought it was funny it seemed like his mom had said it to him a long time ago. 

Also, transfers happened!!! I'm staying here and I'm getting a new comp! His name is Elder C. and he's from Paraná! (Brazil) That's all I know about him. I'm going to travel to Goiânia tomorrow morning to get him and return on Wednesday. It's going to be pretty sweet. 
Have a great week!