Tuesday, May 26, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was also uneventful. But I saw a Capibara or a super weridly proportioned turtle! It was crossing the river and looked super weird. It would swim underwater for 15 secs, surface, breathe, then swim under water, surface, breathe, and repeat until it crossed. I didn't see it get out of the water, but man it was weird.

Also, I saw a river dolphin in the river we cross almost every day! ... or a fin. it was cool.

Monday, May 18, 2015

White House: Barra Do Garças

Dear family!

This past week was pretty cool, we worked a lot and found some cool families. One is a couple that isn't married, and another couple that is married and are friends of a member and the other couple. There are a bunch of cool people here and it's great going around and helping them all out.

A cool scripture that I like a lot:Alma 29:5
we can choose what we want, especially in today's world with the choices we can make.

Yeah, there isn't too much to add.. 
but have a great week!

Here's another toucan!

Monday, May 11, 2015

White House Branch

Me and Elder Ve.

     This transfer is only a 5 week transfer, it's going by really fast. It's already week 3 and already almost over. It's crazy. My comp, Elder Ve. is from M., Africa, and is 24 years old. He's got 6 months in the mish and is a really excited person. It's different, but good. This area's pretty sweet. It's what you would think of Brasil being. It's got a lot of trees, (forest) there are mountains on one side of the city, and from here you can see some cliffs. Also, there are a lot of iguanas, parrots (red, blue, and yellow), and toucans. Where we are working right now(there are always richer and poorer areas of cities) there are a lot of dirt roads and also dirt on the asphalt roads. The area is pretty big, it's two small cites. and there's a river that passes through our area and one of the cities is an island.

     The house where we're staying at just has the house on the property, it's pretty small. There's an area in front, but we don't use it and a tiny area behind that we also don't use. It's pretty cool here. All of the houses have huge gates to get in that you can lock. Also, all of the windows have bars on them to keep people from coming in.
There's a cool member that gave us papayas (mamão) and I'm eating a lot of it. it's pretty great here. and the other day I made banana juice. It was pretty good!

    It was great speaking with the fam and seeing you all! It'll be great to pass a few days with y'all and then going to byu to hang out with Hannah, Steve, Laura, and Rachel.
Have a great week!

 The toucans eat the fruit in the tree and hop from branch to branch, not flying around b/c they're so big.

Monday, May 4, 2015

White house branch

Time is short, but my new comp's from Mozambique! There they speak portuguese. but have a great week!

actually, I've got a few minutes, 

The water here in the areas where I've been serving is pretty clean. In Uberaba, one of our investigators was one of the bosses in charge of cleaning the water. The few cities in the mission that have water that's not too good are cities like Goiania, Rio Verde and Barra do Garças. But it's sterile and you can drink water from the tap. But the mission pays for these big water jugs that are about 5 gallons and we drink water from that. Where I am now doesn't have that and we have a clay filter in our house and we drink water from that.