Monday, April 27, 2015

White House Branch

     We had transfer calls this past week!! And I'm going to be in Barra do Garças(Baha do Garsas), which is in the state Mato Grosso. It's literally on the other side of the mission and I'm going to be in the bus for a loooong time. Where I am now is 7.5 hours away from Goiânia (where the mission office is) and Mato Grosso is about the same distance from Goiânia, but on the other side yeah.... It'll be good. My comp's going to be a guy with a weird name that starts with a V. I didn't understand really well when I got the call from the assistants. He's got 4 months on the mish. It's a little ridiculous now, this is going to be my 9th area and 18th comp. Loooots of switching around, but change is good sometimes.

     But this past transfer was really cool! We worked well with the members and 2 of the people that baptized are member references and there are some really cool solid people (member references too) that are going to baptize in 2 weeks! I've never been in a better ward that was so oriented in helping the missionary work go along. Whenever we brought investigators to the church, they always wanted to come back because they were treated so well by the members. The members always approached the new people and talked with them and made friends with them instead of leaving them alone to the missionaries.

     Cool new food - Biscoito de Polvilho. It's a really good tasting thing made from corn flour that tastes like cheetos but is a loooot better.

     Have a great week!

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