Monday, April 20, 2015

White House Branch

My camera was robbed... so there are going to be less cool pictures coming your way.
But we're teaching a guy that used to be in that kind of crowd, robbing, selling drugs and stuff like that and he said he'd talk to the guys higher up and see what he would be able to do. For example, try and get back my camera. Also talk to him about protection to the missionaries in this area. Also, no worries, it was a bunch of teenagers that robbed us and they didn't have a gun with ages ranging from 15-17 years old.

Something that I always didn't understand is why no one stops for the stop signs and places that say stop. People only stop at the stop lights. And last week I realized why. For rules of the road in Brazil, stop also means yield. For example, on roundabouts and on ramps to merge with roads there's the word stop written on the road where there would be a yield sign.

A cool word that I learned is bile. In Portuguese, if you translate it literally, it's gastric juice.

This week we got level 7!

And V. was baptized a week early b/c he hurt his back playing soccer and got a week off of work and could go to church. Also D. was baptized! She's the aunt of a recent convert that's living with the recent convert.

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