Monday, April 6, 2015

White House Branch

I. is super solid to be baptized this Saturday! He's been to church 3 times and he's going to be baptized with F. Another guy, so keep praying for them. V. couldn't come to church, so the baptism's going to be postponed another week. He's got problems with beer and the law of chastity but wants to be baptized. He's way cool and if he doesn't do those things this week and goes to church, he'll be baptized. Also pray for Va. for her to be able to go to church. She's a member reference, we gave her the Book of Mormon last week and she's already in 2nd Nephi. She couldn't come b/c her ride (mom) was sick.

I. and His cousin and a member who's good friends with them!

So it's official, I had salantra last week and I actually liked it.

Also for those civil engineers that are interested in water, the concentration of fluorine in Uberaba is .6%

Also, this past week we were trying to make things interesting and Elder P. said: let's contact people with our bellies poked out. Alright, so he went up to one woman that was standing in her doorway with her back to us and he started talking to her. She had some weird thing going on with her eyebrows. It was like she had caked solidish mascara onto her eyebrows. I thought weird, but okay... then I looked at Elder P.'s belly to make sure he was poking out his belly and then I started laughing.... then he started laughing. And then the woman was like: y'all are making fun of my eyebrows! and I said no, it's his belly he's really fat. Then the post guy was passing by and overheard what was going on and said: wow, that's right his belly's pretty bad. Then we left, yeah, it was good.

Ic. started to make an Iron Man Suit, and was starting on the helmet. So I put on the helmet. It's pretty sweet and I think that he's going to have it done by the end of the transfer.

Also, there was a dog in a big hole where the water flows down. More like a pit. And it was easy to get out/in of b/c it had steps that were about 2-3 ft. But the dog had a broken leg b/c he'd fallen into there. So we went in to get the dog so that it wouldn't drown when the rain came. But there was a big tube where the water could flow down and when we went down, the dog went back. But then Elder P. found a really old and crusted piece of rope and made a noose out of it. So he put it in front of the tube and then I climbed down and scared the dog towards the tube. Then the dog walked through the loop and Elder P yanked the rope and we saved the dog! 

Cool things I learned...
I learned why all the jokes that talk about the gates of heaven always mention St. Peter. I already knew the scripture, but two weeks ago it clicked. In Mat 16:18-19, it talks about Jesus giving the keys of heaven to Peter, hence, Peter is the person that lets us in.

In the hobbit and books, it really is possible to blow smoke rings. The problem with cigarettes is that the smoke isn't heavy/dense enough. There's a weird thing you can use that uses water vapor and some weird things to smoke and you can blow smoke rings. Cool.

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