Monday, April 27, 2015

White House Branch

     We had transfer calls this past week!! And I'm going to be in Barra do Garças(Baha do Garsas), which is in the state Mato Grosso. It's literally on the other side of the mission and I'm going to be in the bus for a loooong time. Where I am now is 7.5 hours away from Goiânia (where the mission office is) and Mato Grosso is about the same distance from Goiânia, but on the other side yeah.... It'll be good. My comp's going to be a guy with a weird name that starts with a V. I didn't understand really well when I got the call from the assistants. He's got 4 months on the mish. It's a little ridiculous now, this is going to be my 9th area and 18th comp. Loooots of switching around, but change is good sometimes.

     But this past transfer was really cool! We worked well with the members and 2 of the people that baptized are member references and there are some really cool solid people (member references too) that are going to baptize in 2 weeks! I've never been in a better ward that was so oriented in helping the missionary work go along. Whenever we brought investigators to the church, they always wanted to come back because they were treated so well by the members. The members always approached the new people and talked with them and made friends with them instead of leaving them alone to the missionaries.

     Cool new food - Biscoito de Polvilho. It's a really good tasting thing made from corn flour that tastes like cheetos but is a loooot better.

     Have a great week!

Monday, April 20, 2015

White House Branch

My camera was robbed... so there are going to be less cool pictures coming your way.
But we're teaching a guy that used to be in that kind of crowd, robbing, selling drugs and stuff like that and he said he'd talk to the guys higher up and see what he would be able to do. For example, try and get back my camera. Also talk to him about protection to the missionaries in this area. Also, no worries, it was a bunch of teenagers that robbed us and they didn't have a gun with ages ranging from 15-17 years old.

Something that I always didn't understand is why no one stops for the stop signs and places that say stop. People only stop at the stop lights. And last week I realized why. For rules of the road in Brazil, stop also means yield. For example, on roundabouts and on ramps to merge with roads there's the word stop written on the road where there would be a yield sign.

A cool word that I learned is bile. In Portuguese, if you translate it literally, it's gastric juice.

This week we got level 7!

And V. was baptized a week early b/c he hurt his back playing soccer and got a week off of work and could go to church. Also D. was baptized! She's the aunt of a recent convert that's living with the recent convert.

Monday, April 13, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was pretty great! We worked really hard this week too.
After baptism of I.!

Baptismal font behind the BIG house that's the church!
I. was baptized! The other guy wasn't baptized b/c of pressure in his family and he got a new job working 7 days a week.
I.'s got a cool story, so just over 3 weeks ago, on the 19th he did a contact with us on the road. We were walking by a park and he walked up to us, coming out of the bar saying that he wanted to change and do stuff like that. I. went to church that Sunday, and loved it! He even wanted to do visits with us. So we went out with him on Thursday to visit a family that's part member and he testified and everything. So that Sunday he went to church and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and to read and pray about it. He had already watched the 20 minute JS film a few times, so he knew what was going on. So that night he had a dream about the Book of Mormon! He dreamed that he was sitting down talking with a guy. And the guy offered him a book and said to take it. I. said to him that he already had a book from the missionaries. Then the guy told him that it's the same book and that it's true. Long story short, he was baptized a few weeks later.

So in the US, there's a tradition with the easter bunny leaving eggs and candy with people. In Brazil, there's another sweet tradition of buying HUGE chocolate eggs and giving them to people you like. A member gave us half of an egg easter morning when we ate there. It was pretty legit. They are really expensive, so I just took some pictures with them. This egg is an egg that's 350 grams, it's made out of white chocolate (obvious) and is about 35 reais. or 11.5ish dollars. But it's more money in real than it is in dollars b/c the dollar's been doing well against the real for the last little bit. There are even eggs at the store that are 750 grams or 1.5ish pounds of chocolate.

There's also a cool candy called paçoca. or pa-so-cuh. A cylindrical thing 1-2 inches tall made out of toasted peanuts, sugar, and a little bit of salt and it's all mixed together. It's really good with apples because it tastes kind of like peanut butter.
And mayo in a package? super cool!
Hellmans Ketchup, different, right?

I had a new food this past week! Actually it's juice. Graviola Juice. It's really viscous in a slimy way, not a sticky way and has a good taste. I would say it's the closest you could get to eating a drink. Super weird, but good.

Also this is a clothes washer that doesn't spin the water out like with the normal clothes washer. It works by spinning the water and the water circulates with the soap and with the clothes. I think that you can't put a lot of clothes in there at the same time, but it's good for a medium load.

Peeps to pray for:
- D. to not flake out for her baptizm this week and so that the member that lives with her can read to her.
- R. so that he can be more healthy and receive an answer and be baptized too!
- Va. so that she can continue going strong! (She's already read past 2 Nephi 2 and went to church yesterday) and so that her mom can go to church Sunday to be able to support Va.
- V. so that he can keep his new resolve to keep the commandments.

Monday, April 6, 2015

White House Branch

I. is super solid to be baptized this Saturday! He's been to church 3 times and he's going to be baptized with F. Another guy, so keep praying for them. V. couldn't come to church, so the baptism's going to be postponed another week. He's got problems with beer and the law of chastity but wants to be baptized. He's way cool and if he doesn't do those things this week and goes to church, he'll be baptized. Also pray for Va. for her to be able to go to church. She's a member reference, we gave her the Book of Mormon last week and she's already in 2nd Nephi. She couldn't come b/c her ride (mom) was sick.

I. and His cousin and a member who's good friends with them!

So it's official, I had salantra last week and I actually liked it.

Also for those civil engineers that are interested in water, the concentration of fluorine in Uberaba is .6%

Also, this past week we were trying to make things interesting and Elder P. said: let's contact people with our bellies poked out. Alright, so he went up to one woman that was standing in her doorway with her back to us and he started talking to her. She had some weird thing going on with her eyebrows. It was like she had caked solidish mascara onto her eyebrows. I thought weird, but okay... then I looked at Elder P.'s belly to make sure he was poking out his belly and then I started laughing.... then he started laughing. And then the woman was like: y'all are making fun of my eyebrows! and I said no, it's his belly he's really fat. Then the post guy was passing by and overheard what was going on and said: wow, that's right his belly's pretty bad. Then we left, yeah, it was good.

Ic. started to make an Iron Man Suit, and was starting on the helmet. So I put on the helmet. It's pretty sweet and I think that he's going to have it done by the end of the transfer.

Also, there was a dog in a big hole where the water flows down. More like a pit. And it was easy to get out/in of b/c it had steps that were about 2-3 ft. But the dog had a broken leg b/c he'd fallen into there. So we went in to get the dog so that it wouldn't drown when the rain came. But there was a big tube where the water could flow down and when we went down, the dog went back. But then Elder P. found a really old and crusted piece of rope and made a noose out of it. So he put it in front of the tube and then I climbed down and scared the dog towards the tube. Then the dog walked through the loop and Elder P yanked the rope and we saved the dog! 

Cool things I learned...
I learned why all the jokes that talk about the gates of heaven always mention St. Peter. I already knew the scripture, but two weeks ago it clicked. In Mat 16:18-19, it talks about Jesus giving the keys of heaven to Peter, hence, Peter is the person that lets us in.

In the hobbit and books, it really is possible to blow smoke rings. The problem with cigarettes is that the smoke isn't heavy/dense enough. There's a weird thing you can use that uses water vapor and some weird things to smoke and you can blow smoke rings. Cool.