Monday, March 16, 2015

White House Branch

Soo, transfers are happening again. My comp is being transferred to Goiania and I'm getting a companion that's coming in from Patos de Minas. It's about 4 hours away from here and is the furthest area away from Goiania.
This pizza was really, really, really good. It was roughly 12 dollars.
But my companion is from the north of Brazil. It's the area of Brazil that's known for being poorer and less educated and things like that. His name is Elder P. He's from Belém. Belém is where the amazons are. But if he's from the big city he probably hasn't seen much of it. He has the same time in the mish as Elder A. (1 comp ago) and he's going to show up here this evening around 5.

Is it okay to be tired of transfers and new comps? I already have 8 different areas and Elder P.'s going to be my 17th comp including the mtc.

This next week I'm going to be giving a talk in sacrament meeting with the topic "wickedness never was happiness." It's a 10 minute talk, so it's going to be hard to fit everything in, but it'll work out well.

Well, here are some peeps to pray for, also thanks for the prayers last week. I. read in the Book of Mormon, but was too sick to go to church. He said that he's going to give the church "a chance" and that he's going to read two chapters in the Book of Mormon,  pray and go to church this Sunday and see about being baptized depending on how he feels. Pray for him!

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