Monday, March 2, 2015

White House Branch

Soo, there isn't much to include in this e-mail besides that another baptism happened!!
We found them by talking with some investigators and asking for references. There was a small boy that passed by that was 8 years old and we talked to him about stopping by his house. His dad is from another religion, but we found N. and Pe. Pe.'s brother was baptized when he lived with them in São Paulo, but he moved away to his dad's house and then committed suicide there. Sad, but we came in and taught the Plan of Salvation first, and then kept on passing by, they went to church the first Sunday, then the second, almost didn't baptize b/c they had to stop taking coffee. But, they stopped and were baptized 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday! 

It's great to be with comp that's down to work and get things done. I've only had a few comps here that are like that.

Also, there's a pizza place close-ish to home (15 minutes walking really really fast) that has pizza buffet. And they have dessert pizza! Lots of it. So whenever I go there, even though I don't like sweets that much, I get it b/c it's so good. Also, there's one night during the week when you can go there and get ice cream pizza. It's dessert pizza with a big scoop of ice-cream on top and you can choose what kind of pizza you want too. Needless to say, I'd like to stop by there more, but we're working a lot and pizza places here only open after 6-7 o´clock and we usually go there at 8:30 at the end of the day, eat, and then walk/run home.

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