Monday, March 30, 2015

White House Report

Soo, I registered for BYU! This past week was great, we got level 7 on the key indicator thing I sent a month ago. I don't have much time, but Ic. was baptized!!!! And he's way solid! He was baptized on Saturday and then that same night played guitar and sang in the stake talent show. He sang 'You and Me' by Lifehouse. Pretty cool. but I'll include more stuff in next weeks e-mail.

Have a great week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

White House Branch

So here's my new comp! He played semi-pro soccer before the mission and he's pretty chill. This past week we worked a lot and found a lot of cool new people. Also we continued working with the cool people that we already had.
When Elder P. came in, we moved all of the furniture in the house around. It's a little different, but cleaner.

Soo, peeps to pray for
V. to stay excited and come to church again
I. to come to church again and start living law of chastity
Ic. to receive an answer to be baptized! and also that we can find him at home every day this week.
times up, but have a good week!

Monday, March 16, 2015

White House Branch

Soo, transfers are happening again. My comp is being transferred to Goiania and I'm getting a companion that's coming in from Patos de Minas. It's about 4 hours away from here and is the furthest area away from Goiania.
This pizza was really, really, really good. It was roughly 12 dollars.
But my companion is from the north of Brazil. It's the area of Brazil that's known for being poorer and less educated and things like that. His name is Elder P. He's from Belém. Belém is where the amazons are. But if he's from the big city he probably hasn't seen much of it. He has the same time in the mish as Elder A. (1 comp ago) and he's going to show up here this evening around 5.

Is it okay to be tired of transfers and new comps? I already have 8 different areas and Elder P.'s going to be my 17th comp including the mtc.

This next week I'm going to be giving a talk in sacrament meeting with the topic "wickedness never was happiness." It's a 10 minute talk, so it's going to be hard to fit everything in, but it'll work out well.

Well, here are some peeps to pray for, also thanks for the prayers last week. I. read in the Book of Mormon, but was too sick to go to church. He said that he's going to give the church "a chance" and that he's going to read two chapters in the Book of Mormon,  pray and go to church this Sunday and see about being baptized depending on how he feels. Pray for him!

Monday, March 9, 2015

White House Branch

Lan House!
Or in english, Internet Cafe

Something cool that happened was that yesterday (Sunday) was woman's day. Cool, right? My comp said that Brazil is the country that has more holidays than most of the other countries in the world.

Soo, this past week we went to a pizza place and ate pizza with a fork and knife! It's pretty cool.

Also, prayers... pray for N. and Pe. to be able to keep going strong and going to church.
Also Ic. so that we can get in contact with him and teach him so he can get baptized
Also E., so that he can keep progressing and go to church again.

Monday, March 2, 2015

White House Branch

Soo, there isn't much to include in this e-mail besides that another baptism happened!!
We found them by talking with some investigators and asking for references. There was a small boy that passed by that was 8 years old and we talked to him about stopping by his house. His dad is from another religion, but we found N. and Pe. Pe.'s brother was baptized when he lived with them in São Paulo, but he moved away to his dad's house and then committed suicide there. Sad, but we came in and taught the Plan of Salvation first, and then kept on passing by, they went to church the first Sunday, then the second, almost didn't baptize b/c they had to stop taking coffee. But, they stopped and were baptized 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday! 

It's great to be with comp that's down to work and get things done. I've only had a few comps here that are like that.

Also, there's a pizza place close-ish to home (15 minutes walking really really fast) that has pizza buffet. And they have dessert pizza! Lots of it. So whenever I go there, even though I don't like sweets that much, I get it b/c it's so good. Also, there's one night during the week when you can go there and get ice cream pizza. It's dessert pizza with a big scoop of ice-cream on top and you can choose what kind of pizza you want too. Needless to say, I'd like to stop by there more, but we're working a lot and pizza places here only open after 6-7 o´clock and we usually go there at 8:30 at the end of the day, eat, and then walk/run home.