Monday, February 9, 2015

White House:Brazil

Alright, so right now I'm in a new area with a new comp. Again... but it's cool b/c this area rocks!

Duck Chips!! (Elder A.)
New Companion Elder N.

- The roads here are a lot better than Anápolis.
- Also maintained better.
- Also we live in a well off looking area. I think it's just because the sidewalks here are way better and the roads are better.

Scenery in Brazil!
- Also, at a local supermarket, I found bugles! Generally I never buy it, but b/c I'm in Brazil and trunky for all American food, I bought it and ate it with zeal!
- hint, hint, I'm really missing Gatorade. It's super expensive here. Powdered Gatorade that's not orange flavor anyone??

Me with a guy that was in the MTC in Provo. It was just him and another guy that were supposed to go to our mission. The other guy's in another zone.

- There are a lot of Espiritas here. They believe in reincarnation and believe in JC and the bible but don't really believe in the bible, so they are hard to teach and contact. It's like knocking doors in the US and encountering Jehova witnesses. And there are Jehova Witnesses here too.
This is the Snowball Church. That's literally the name. It's really strong in the south of Brazil. Weird, right? And there's a whale on top. They're really hipster and hippie like and accept more radical concepts.
- Here is a little cooler than it was in Anápolis. But everyone else said that it gets really hot here so I hope it stays how it was. A month ago here it was 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Everyone at the bus station in Goiânia! We loaded a bus and unloaded the bus of all of this stuff. The impressive thing is that to get it on the bus you have to bring it in, then pass it over a rotating metal thing that counts how many people pass through and lets you go through when you pay. Yeah, cool.

- Also I tried a new idea that I heard about and showed up in the area and bought a huge bar of chocolate for the bishop and wrote him a letter.

Elder N.
My new comp is Elder N., he's pretty cool. He's from São Paulo (the city b/c there's São Paulo State also) He's been a member for 3 years and has the same time on the mish as me. I've already had 2 people as my companions that are going to be going home the same day. He also has a big family. He has 8 siblings, 4 sisters and 4 brothers.

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