Monday, February 23, 2015

White House Branch

     Alright, this past week was pretty great again! We got level 4 on the pattern of excellence. This ward where I am is one of the coolest wards that I've passed through. The members here are down for missionary work. For example, we got 5 member references on Sunday and 10 in the week. And we got 9 last week. We're working a ton and teaching a lot and doing our best.

    I received the call of death last Wednesday, the 18th.... so I'm going to be going home soon. Technically no, but it's weird being one of the missionaries with more time in the mission.

     Also, something that I didn't mention is that in this mission and I think the rest of the missions in Brasil, the missionaries can't go on splits with members and aren't supposed to go on many exchanges with other missionaries.

    I had another allergic reaction 2 wks ago and it wasn't too bad, it was just inconvenient with the scratching, but nothing crazy happened b/c I had just a little bit. Then it was all good, then a few days ago, I got the thought in my head, hmmm I don't really know if it's honey or not that gives me an allergic reaction. So I ate a cookie that's the closest that you can find that tastes like a graham cracker here. Also, this cookie had honey in it. I only ate two of them and then later on that day I started itching again. Now I can say that I'm officially allergic to honey and that it's not just a suspicion.

     Also, I had this weird allergic reaction with the inside of my eyelid and there was a weird blister looking thing on the bottom left eyelid. Then we called a member and he helped us find an eye doctor. Then the eye doctor checked out my eyes and put a anti pain eyedrops into my eyes and then checked out the pressure of my eyes. She had me sit down and put my chin on top of a strap and put my forehead on another. She had a weird machine that she would look through and on the tip had a purple/blue light. Then she moved it around and then touched it to my eye. To me it just seemed that the arm and purple cylindrical thing was really, really, really close to my eye, but it was touching.... and my eye pressure was normal. Yeah, it was pretty cool. My first time at the eye doctor's. Then she gave me some eyedrops to drop into my eye every day. One of them tastes weird because I drop it in and it drains into the nasal canals and into the back of my throat and leaves a nasty taste in the back of my mouth.

So we were walking on the sidewalk and my comp said to me that we just passed a cacau tree which is the tree that makes the nuts that make chocolate. So I got the thing that holds the nuts and opened it up and got this nut. It doesn't taste or appear anything like chocolate. I heard that you're supposed to leave it in the sun for a few days and then do some other things to make it.

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