Monday, February 2, 2015

White House Branch

Elder A. and Me
     This past week was pretty cool, also transfers happened again and I'm being transferred again after staying here for 3 months. The longest time I've ever stayed in an area is 4.5 months and that was in Belle Glade, my first area. The area I'm going to is Boa Vista in Uberaba. It's in the state minas gerais. There's known for having really good food. YES! Also, my comp's going to be Elder N. He's from São Paulo.

     After e-mailing last week, I decided to buy a camera because I realized how much that I was missing out on. So here are some pics.

If you can't tell, I ate my first piranha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have officially eaten piranha! It's pretty legit. #perks of serving in Brasil

Me with the bishop of Maracanã
     Also, mango juice is really, really, really good. I had it once in the US during college, but here I have it about once every week, and it's way better because it's all really fresh. Let's just say it's a habit developed that is going to continue for the rest of my life. Also, we had yams yesterday during lunch, they were really good. I think it was my first time eating yams.

Also, there's a store that has a lot of life-size styrofoam models and we were knocking doors near where are made and talked with the owner and he let us come in and take pics there!

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