Monday, February 16, 2015

White House Branch: BRAZIL

Hey!! So this week was pretty sweet, I worked really hard w/ Elder N. and we had a lot of results. We were out working almost every day until 9:30. Then we went on to reach level 4. So every mission has the pattern of excellence that the mission president made. But our mission president did something different and changed it into a system of levels.

Hey, here's a cool pic. Banana pizza, who would've ever thought of it? Pizza dough with mozzarella cheese and bananas and sugar and cinnamon. It's ridiculously tasty.
Also if you combine chocolate with banana, it get's even better.
yeah, it's Brazil!!

Here's what GuaranĂ¡ looks like! It's pretty cool looking and looks like beer. I joke around sometimes at lunch (because the members always have GuaranĂ¡ there) that I'm drinking beer.

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