Monday, January 12, 2015

White House Branch

I had a lot of firsts this past week!
     So, you know how last week I was talking about being really itchy? It turns out that it was an allergic reaction and we called the mission president's wife about it (she's the person in charge of the medical stuff of the mish) directly after e-mailing last p-day and she said to go to the hospital. That was a fun experience. We took the bus to downtown and went to the hospital there, started everything up and then we found out that the hospital didn't accept the health plan of the mission. There was a cool dude that was catholic to the side and he offered us a ride(because we probably would've walked there) to another hospital place, saying that the same thing happened to his friend was rejected too but that the other place should accept the plan. But he dropped us off there and they said that they don't treat people that are having allergic reactions. Joy. Then we got out and started going to this place called UPA (unidade de pronto atendimento), pronounced like it is in english -- which is like a free doctor's office. We went there and there was a really really long line in front of us to get treated. So we waited for about 4 hrs, and by that time my hands had gotten really swollen and my ankles too--(I have no idea why). Then I got a shot of 100 ml of hydrocortizone and another shot and things immediately started getting better. Then we returned to the house about 8:00pm. Needless to say, i'm never going to forget that.

     I'm pretty sure that the thing that caused the allergic reaction was this honey that I bought that I bought at the supermarket. Thinking about it, it was a sketchy bottle of honey b/c it was in a small soda bottle with the top changed. Not the best buy, but hey, it means that I got used to Brasil.

     I also saw my first toucan! (that's outside of the zoo) It was cool how it flew because it was a little off balance because the beak was soo big. It was flying straight, but it's body was angled as if it would be flying steeply up just because of the way a toucan is weighted.

     1st armadillo! I ate my first armadillo meat on Saturday, the 10th of jan. It was in farofa. I don't know how to describe it, but try to imagine imagine turkey stuffing, but ground a lot finer and that's dry. I also don't know if it's legal to kill an armadillo in Brasil....

Quick overview of firsts
-allergic reaction
-hospital in Brasil
-the other shot
-having an extended p-day
-being turned down at two hospitals
-first free medical treatment
-first upa
and other weird things. For example, we ate a jello made out of cow hooves. it's called mocotó. It's actually surprisingly good.

Yeah, we worked a lot this past week and met a lot of really cool people. We met a couple and they have some huge problems with the word of wisdom and they already cut coffee out! They just have to stop with the other stuff. But it's great to be going around helping tons of people.

We all started as a mission reading in the Book of Mormon and marking the references when it talks about JC. It's really cool seeing how much the Book of Mormon references him and testifies of JC. 

     A cool new word I learned in Portuguese is couvê. Cabbage.. but couvê-flor means cauliflower. Portuguese blows my mind every time that I learn more about it.

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  1. Nice adventure, man! HAHAHAHA

    How are you doing?

    Eating armadillo's meat and any native animal is illegal, but some people still eat it here in Brazil :p

    Good luck in you journey man!

    Remember to call me if you stay here in Uberlandia again.

    Good luck, dude!