Monday, January 5, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was reeeeaaally slow, but something cool did happen. I got a new comp! Elder Av. was emergency transferred to another area and my comp now is E. A. Sorry, no pics.. my camera broke.. But he seems really cool and he's from the south! I'm excited for the upcoming weeks because he seems like he's a hard worker.

Elder A. received the call Friday around 7:30 and then he left Saturday morning at 8. Elder A. showed up at 7 pm. then we went to work!

Also there were some cool people that came to church. I think I already talked about them, we found them a few weeks ago, but they were always out of town. And last week the came to church, just that they went to the wrong church. They went to the Church of Christ which is on the other side of the park we talk about to describe where the church is. They showed up there with the Book of Mormon, all dressed up and then they found they were in the wrong church. Then the wife said: Aww man, we're in the wrong church, I don't want to be here!! really loud and a lot of people heard her and then she asked where the church was to the people there. Then they left and were frustrated and went straight home. But they came to church yesterday and liked it, so we'll see where it goes. The wife's aunt is a member, so I hope it goes well.

Also, yesterday I think I ate something weird yesterday because last night I started having an allergic reaction and my skin started itching all over my body. Then I went to bed and woke up at the normal hour, I slept well, but I still had it. So I'm still itching like crazy but now it's just my hands that are really itchy.

Also, I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich and it was sooooo good. It's a while since I had it. 

But have a great week and have fun!

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