Monday, August 24, 2015

White House Branch

This week we went to the beach again because some of the elders still haven't gone and it was a little different b/c the river was lower this time. There was grass! On the beach!!

This friday the whole mission is going to go to Goiânia for a mission tour!
M. B. T. is from the 7th quorum of the Seventies and it's going to be on Saturday morning. I'll stay in Goiânia Sunday-Thursday and go home after. So Friday morning is my last day.

Have a great week!

Monday, August 17, 2015

White House Branch

Alright, so for everyone that was preparing for me to come Friday morning next week, the flight plans changed and I'll get home around 11:45 am
Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was interesting. These past few transfers we've been doing a FHE in members houses every week. It's cool b/c it integrates the members and recent converts better, and investigators can also go. So Monday we had a FHE. Tuesday had district meeting and we found a cool person: L. Wednesday we had a integration night, or an activity that we've also been doing every Wednesday for the past few transfers. It's pretty cool, we say a prayer, sing a song, there's a message of 5-10 minutes, then we have games and we mess around for the rest of the time. It's pretty legit. Then Thursday we helped a less active we were teaching that had problems with her husband move to Goiania. We just helped her package things and get things organized. Then she gave us a cool member reference that I'm pretty sure will baptize the Saturday I come home. We also taught L. a little about the gospel. Then Friday we followed up with them, Saturday too and L. went to church! So pray for them. L. has 3 kids and is single and the member reference (Z.) is also single w/ a son. Z. needs a job and also needs to go to church and stop drinking coffee.

My birthday was yesterday. It was cool, we had lunch with a cool member that likes to give us food. Lunch was really good and after, had a 2-layered cake. Suuuper good!

Thanks for the e-mails! Have a great week!

Monday, August 3, 2015

White House Branch

Thanks for the birthday wishes and cool jokes that y'all sent me! The collage thing that L. did also was cool. 

Yeah I don't have time again. I'll send pics next week.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Casa Branca:Brasil

So, I have 3 minutes to write. This past week was chill, we worked a lot and also 5 people came to church! Mar. and N. came again! (2nd time for Mar.) pray for them to be able to marry. Also W. and M. went to church. They're married and are really interested in the Book of Mormon. Pray for them to gain a testimony and go to church. The other guy is an eternal investigator that needs to marry. Have a good week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

White House Branch

     Our mission president cut language study for the mission 2 transfers ago and we've been working a lot these past transfers. Usually it's about 65 hours of proselyting work a week for our companionship. If we're productive at church, it counts and lunch also counts if we ask for member references. It's a looot of work. Also we study in the morning. A lot of the time we show up at home 9:30. But it's good to work a lot. It stinks not working.

     Elder T. (James in English) is pretty cool. He's from Pernambuco (a state in the north-east of Brazil) and has lived in São Paulo the last 3 years. He has 21 years and fought capoeira for 12 years, he has also served 1 year in the army and has 4 years as a member. This past week was pretty cool with him and it's going well. Something cool about the northern Brazilian culture is that they all know how to share really well. I've already thought of a few ideas of how I can apply it in my life after the mish. 
     The elders quorum has started to do a cool thing to make the branch stronger with us. Sundays are usually slow for us, so it works well for us too. There are two companionships of missionaries in the area. We do splits and have four companionships that go around and do hometeaching visits from 5-7pm every Sunday. It's been going for two weeks and is pretty cool. The branch has a lot of people that are baptized but a lot of them go once a month, once every other week. So it'll be good for the branch. We're trying to help the branch construct a solid base because it has 20 years as a branch and has a frequency of 50ish people.

     No one went to church for the past two weeks so we dropped our old investigators and are starting anew.     

     Not a super new food, but a food that I learned to like and that I like is goiabada. It's made from goiabá. It has a cool texture and is red and really good.

Monday, July 13, 2015

White House Branch

     Don't send me any more packages from now on, I won't receive them because I'm in Barra do Garças and here is closed from everything. I'll just receive it right before I enter the airplane to go home, so it isn't worth it. Just wait til when I come home for stuff.

     I'm going to be traning this transfer! His name is Elder Tiago! (that means James) He's from São Paulo and shows up here Wednesday night. I'm going to stay w/ E. Lima Costa until then and then he'll go to the other area in Barra.

     There were some cool things that happened this past week,

     One day I killed 16 cockroaches in our house. Just call me roach bane. It's actually not too bad, maybe I'm used to it but it's fun hunting them every day after showing up at home.

     Saturday we had a festa julina or festa caipira. Or in English red-neck party. It was cool, I went in the goiás flag tie that mom gave me. The missionaries and a few other guys went around serving everyone yucca cheese cake, popcorn, soda, and other things. There's a food in Brazil called pamonha. It's really good. They get the corn kernels from the corn, shred/grind them, then clump it together and put a few other things in, form it into a small rectangle thing, put the corn husks around it and boil it. It's reaallly good. I'm pretty sure that it would make a huge hit in the south.

     Also I ate cheese ice cream. 

     There was also a guy in the branch that was the young men's president that's a recent convert of 6 months. He was released from his calling and yesterday was called as 2nd councilor in the bishopbric, branch secretary, and already had the calling of family history consultant. Crazy. But he's way cool and we're talking with his mom and she's in 2N 19. She said that she would stop taking coffee yesterday. So she's progressing! She's espirita, they normally take more time to baptize, but she's a dry Mormon and will help the branch a lot in the future.

Monday, July 6, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was pretty chill. We were working a lot in a small city called Pontal. We found a lot of cool people, but not one of them went to church this past week. But the mother and brother of a recent convert came to church today and are progressing. His mother is already in 2 Nephi. She's been reading for about a month now. They're progressing slowly, but well. Also another eternal investigator came to church. She's going to fast this week to see if she should baptize this Saturday.

There isn't much time but this next week's going to be good too.

Monday, June 29, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was pretty cool. We talked with a tooon of people and one of the people we talked with this past week came to church! He's pretty cool! He smokes, but he's got a strong desire to quit and already cut from 10 cigarettes/day to 5. He traveled to São Paulo for 2 weeks, so he's going to be baptized August 1st. He's super sweet.

Starting a few weeks ago, we can only e-mail time for an hour, so I never had time to put this in. But 2 weeks ago, we went to the beach! We went with this cool member. (the ward mission leader) This city is a tourist city, so there are a lot of people that come here. One of the attractions is the beach on the river. In this time of the year, there is little rain and the river gets really shallow and the banks of the river are really sandy. It's really cool. Here are some pics!

Last p-day we made lasagna at the member's house and it was really good. We also made potato bread. -- super good!!!

Also this morning we woke up really early and we hiked to the top of a mountain with that same member. On the top of the mountain is a Christ statue like there is in Rio de Janeiro. The only difference is that the Christ statue here is a loooot smaller. But it's cool. Then we went down the trail a bit more and there were a lot of cool waterfalls, BIG waterfalls. It was cool and there were a few pools where there was warm water to sit in. (we didn't go, but the member that took us there told us it was really comfy)

It was legendary.

Monday, June 22, 2015

White House Branch

 Soo, this e-mail didn't send last week. But here's what happened...
   This past week was pretty sweet. So y'all remember Se. and Vir.? He's getting divorced this week and marking a wedding date this week too (with her, and he was married a long time ago but split up and didn't ever have money to split up)! yeah! They're eternal investigators of one year. It was always my desire to help some et's baptize. Woo!! 2 Sundays ago I talked with a lawyer in our branch if he could help him out. He said that he doesn't work with divorces but he could talk with a friend. Then he called us on Friday and said that his friend could help them out and do the divorce for free! (they already had the papers done and all of the children were already grown up.) Then Sunday the lawyer talked with them and they got really excited! Also, we're helping them with addictions and this morning we brought a 14 pound bag of oranges to their house to help with cigarettes. (eat an orange whenever you are craving a cigarette) That also animated them.

    One of their nephews or something like that (relative) is preparing to be baptized this month too! he already came to church once! and another too! but he lives in the area of the other elders, so we passed him to them.

Ma. and N. are doing well, they went to a branch activity this past week. It's really expensive to marry in Brazil if you're from another city. You have to have your birth certificate from your home city and you have to had gotten it from there in the past 90 days if you want to marry. Pray for them to not get disanimated!

I don't have time bye!

W. (V.) and Is. got baptized!
(W sometimes makes the sound of V)

     So I'm teaching English class here and I'm running out of resources to use. Could y'all send me a few tongue twisters and ideas to use? 
     Also, we're doing something that's basically a family home evening, but it's a branch activity every Wednesday night. We're running out of ideas for the activity. We used "Do You Love Your Neighbor", "Mafia," "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile," the pterodactyl game, charades, and a few other interesting and different games. But do y'all have any ideas for some party games that we can play with them that aren't too complicated?
     This area's pretty sweet. When you show up at the door and knock, a lot of them will call you into their home even before knowing who you are. And they already offer you water right when you show up. So you show up in their living room and see if they're interested or not. 
     There's a cool member here that likes to cook. We went over to his house earlier today and we made lasagna at his house. He also gives us home-made bread once a week/once every other week. Last week he made us rice casserole in the oven. It was really, really good.
     I ate corn ice cream! It was weird! Ice cream but corn flavored! But it was good. Here has a lot of different flavors of ice cream that are exotic and cool.
     Se. and Vir. got a little disanimated because it's ridiculously expensive do divorce and marry in Brazil. But they are still going to church!

have a great week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

White House Branch

My new comp is Elder Lima Costa! He's from a small city in Paraná called Arapongas. He's super chill. It's great whenever you get a chill companion that's obedient. Also, we go running in the morning and we work out at a park that's 30 seconds from our house. It's pretty great to do that b/c I've only lived with 5 elders on the mish that were willing to run in the morning.

cool foods:
sweet rice. It's rice, milk, sugar, and a few other things put in a pressure pan. then you put it in the fridge and after being chilled, is ready to eat. It's SOO GOOD! I think it's my second time eating it.

dough cake. One of the guys in the ward made a dough cake. It's pretty good. I was surprised that it wasn't too bad. It was kinda like pancakes that didn't rise but were cooked but in cake form.

Monday, June 1, 2015

White House Branch

So... this past week was pretty great, we worked a lot and sweated a lot. It's like SC here, and it's supposed to get even hotter, up in the 100's in a month or two. It's pretty great in this area, the members are really cool and there's always the cool unity that small branches/wards have.

I bought some shoes here and I looked at the taxes and federal taxes here are 26.24%!!! That's ridiculously high!! I was talking with one person and they said that Brasil has the highest taxes of almost every country in the world.

This past week, we killed and prepared a chicken! It was weird because it was squawking a lot.. and it kept moving after it should've. but it's cool. Also, someone this past week said the following. (Little boy that plays with fire pees in the bed) I thought it was funny it seemed like his mom had said it to him a long time ago. 

Also, transfers happened!!! I'm staying here and I'm getting a new comp! His name is Elder C. and he's from Paraná! (Brazil) That's all I know about him. I'm going to travel to Goiânia tomorrow morning to get him and return on Wednesday. It's going to be pretty sweet. 
Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was also uneventful. But I saw a Capibara or a super weridly proportioned turtle! It was crossing the river and looked super weird. It would swim underwater for 15 secs, surface, breathe, then swim under water, surface, breathe, and repeat until it crossed. I didn't see it get out of the water, but man it was weird.

Also, I saw a river dolphin in the river we cross almost every day! ... or a fin. it was cool.

Monday, May 18, 2015

White House: Barra Do Garças

Dear family!

This past week was pretty cool, we worked a lot and found some cool families. One is a couple that isn't married, and another couple that is married and are friends of a member and the other couple. There are a bunch of cool people here and it's great going around and helping them all out.

A cool scripture that I like a lot:Alma 29:5
we can choose what we want, especially in today's world with the choices we can make.

Yeah, there isn't too much to add.. 
but have a great week!

Here's another toucan!

Monday, May 11, 2015

White House Branch

Me and Elder Ve.

     This transfer is only a 5 week transfer, it's going by really fast. It's already week 3 and already almost over. It's crazy. My comp, Elder Ve. is from M., Africa, and is 24 years old. He's got 6 months in the mish and is a really excited person. It's different, but good. This area's pretty sweet. It's what you would think of Brasil being. It's got a lot of trees, (forest) there are mountains on one side of the city, and from here you can see some cliffs. Also, there are a lot of iguanas, parrots (red, blue, and yellow), and toucans. Where we are working right now(there are always richer and poorer areas of cities) there are a lot of dirt roads and also dirt on the asphalt roads. The area is pretty big, it's two small cites. and there's a river that passes through our area and one of the cities is an island.

     The house where we're staying at just has the house on the property, it's pretty small. There's an area in front, but we don't use it and a tiny area behind that we also don't use. It's pretty cool here. All of the houses have huge gates to get in that you can lock. Also, all of the windows have bars on them to keep people from coming in.
There's a cool member that gave us papayas (mamão) and I'm eating a lot of it. it's pretty great here. and the other day I made banana juice. It was pretty good!

    It was great speaking with the fam and seeing you all! It'll be great to pass a few days with y'all and then going to byu to hang out with Hannah, Steve, Laura, and Rachel.
Have a great week!

 The toucans eat the fruit in the tree and hop from branch to branch, not flying around b/c they're so big.

Monday, May 4, 2015

White house branch

Time is short, but my new comp's from Mozambique! There they speak portuguese. but have a great week!

actually, I've got a few minutes, 

The water here in the areas where I've been serving is pretty clean. In Uberaba, one of our investigators was one of the bosses in charge of cleaning the water. The few cities in the mission that have water that's not too good are cities like Goiania, Rio Verde and Barra do Garças. But it's sterile and you can drink water from the tap. But the mission pays for these big water jugs that are about 5 gallons and we drink water from that. Where I am now doesn't have that and we have a clay filter in our house and we drink water from that.

Monday, April 27, 2015

White House Branch

     We had transfer calls this past week!! And I'm going to be in Barra do Garças(Baha do Garsas), which is in the state Mato Grosso. It's literally on the other side of the mission and I'm going to be in the bus for a loooong time. Where I am now is 7.5 hours away from Goiânia (where the mission office is) and Mato Grosso is about the same distance from Goiânia, but on the other side yeah.... It'll be good. My comp's going to be a guy with a weird name that starts with a V. I didn't understand really well when I got the call from the assistants. He's got 4 months on the mish. It's a little ridiculous now, this is going to be my 9th area and 18th comp. Loooots of switching around, but change is good sometimes.

     But this past transfer was really cool! We worked well with the members and 2 of the people that baptized are member references and there are some really cool solid people (member references too) that are going to baptize in 2 weeks! I've never been in a better ward that was so oriented in helping the missionary work go along. Whenever we brought investigators to the church, they always wanted to come back because they were treated so well by the members. The members always approached the new people and talked with them and made friends with them instead of leaving them alone to the missionaries.

     Cool new food - Biscoito de Polvilho. It's a really good tasting thing made from corn flour that tastes like cheetos but is a loooot better.

     Have a great week!

Monday, April 20, 2015

White House Branch

My camera was robbed... so there are going to be less cool pictures coming your way.
But we're teaching a guy that used to be in that kind of crowd, robbing, selling drugs and stuff like that and he said he'd talk to the guys higher up and see what he would be able to do. For example, try and get back my camera. Also talk to him about protection to the missionaries in this area. Also, no worries, it was a bunch of teenagers that robbed us and they didn't have a gun with ages ranging from 15-17 years old.

Something that I always didn't understand is why no one stops for the stop signs and places that say stop. People only stop at the stop lights. And last week I realized why. For rules of the road in Brazil, stop also means yield. For example, on roundabouts and on ramps to merge with roads there's the word stop written on the road where there would be a yield sign.

A cool word that I learned is bile. In Portuguese, if you translate it literally, it's gastric juice.

This week we got level 7!

And V. was baptized a week early b/c he hurt his back playing soccer and got a week off of work and could go to church. Also D. was baptized! She's the aunt of a recent convert that's living with the recent convert.

Monday, April 13, 2015

White House Branch

This past week was pretty great! We worked really hard this week too.
After baptism of I.!

Baptismal font behind the BIG house that's the church!
I. was baptized! The other guy wasn't baptized b/c of pressure in his family and he got a new job working 7 days a week.
I.'s got a cool story, so just over 3 weeks ago, on the 19th he did a contact with us on the road. We were walking by a park and he walked up to us, coming out of the bar saying that he wanted to change and do stuff like that. I. went to church that Sunday, and loved it! He even wanted to do visits with us. So we went out with him on Thursday to visit a family that's part member and he testified and everything. So that Sunday he went to church and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and to read and pray about it. He had already watched the 20 minute JS film a few times, so he knew what was going on. So that night he had a dream about the Book of Mormon! He dreamed that he was sitting down talking with a guy. And the guy offered him a book and said to take it. I. said to him that he already had a book from the missionaries. Then the guy told him that it's the same book and that it's true. Long story short, he was baptized a few weeks later.

So in the US, there's a tradition with the easter bunny leaving eggs and candy with people. In Brazil, there's another sweet tradition of buying HUGE chocolate eggs and giving them to people you like. A member gave us half of an egg easter morning when we ate there. It was pretty legit. They are really expensive, so I just took some pictures with them. This egg is an egg that's 350 grams, it's made out of white chocolate (obvious) and is about 35 reais. or 11.5ish dollars. But it's more money in real than it is in dollars b/c the dollar's been doing well against the real for the last little bit. There are even eggs at the store that are 750 grams or 1.5ish pounds of chocolate.

There's also a cool candy called paçoca. or pa-so-cuh. A cylindrical thing 1-2 inches tall made out of toasted peanuts, sugar, and a little bit of salt and it's all mixed together. It's really good with apples because it tastes kind of like peanut butter.
And mayo in a package? super cool!
Hellmans Ketchup, different, right?

I had a new food this past week! Actually it's juice. Graviola Juice. It's really viscous in a slimy way, not a sticky way and has a good taste. I would say it's the closest you could get to eating a drink. Super weird, but good.

Also this is a clothes washer that doesn't spin the water out like with the normal clothes washer. It works by spinning the water and the water circulates with the soap and with the clothes. I think that you can't put a lot of clothes in there at the same time, but it's good for a medium load.

Peeps to pray for:
- D. to not flake out for her baptizm this week and so that the member that lives with her can read to her.
- R. so that he can be more healthy and receive an answer and be baptized too!
- Va. so that she can continue going strong! (She's already read past 2 Nephi 2 and went to church yesterday) and so that her mom can go to church Sunday to be able to support Va.
- V. so that he can keep his new resolve to keep the commandments.

Monday, April 6, 2015

White House Branch

I. is super solid to be baptized this Saturday! He's been to church 3 times and he's going to be baptized with F. Another guy, so keep praying for them. V. couldn't come to church, so the baptism's going to be postponed another week. He's got problems with beer and the law of chastity but wants to be baptized. He's way cool and if he doesn't do those things this week and goes to church, he'll be baptized. Also pray for Va. for her to be able to go to church. She's a member reference, we gave her the Book of Mormon last week and she's already in 2nd Nephi. She couldn't come b/c her ride (mom) was sick.

I. and His cousin and a member who's good friends with them!

So it's official, I had salantra last week and I actually liked it.

Also for those civil engineers that are interested in water, the concentration of fluorine in Uberaba is .6%

Also, this past week we were trying to make things interesting and Elder P. said: let's contact people with our bellies poked out. Alright, so he went up to one woman that was standing in her doorway with her back to us and he started talking to her. She had some weird thing going on with her eyebrows. It was like she had caked solidish mascara onto her eyebrows. I thought weird, but okay... then I looked at Elder P.'s belly to make sure he was poking out his belly and then I started laughing.... then he started laughing. And then the woman was like: y'all are making fun of my eyebrows! and I said no, it's his belly he's really fat. Then the post guy was passing by and overheard what was going on and said: wow, that's right his belly's pretty bad. Then we left, yeah, it was good.

Ic. started to make an Iron Man Suit, and was starting on the helmet. So I put on the helmet. It's pretty sweet and I think that he's going to have it done by the end of the transfer.

Also, there was a dog in a big hole where the water flows down. More like a pit. And it was easy to get out/in of b/c it had steps that were about 2-3 ft. But the dog had a broken leg b/c he'd fallen into there. So we went in to get the dog so that it wouldn't drown when the rain came. But there was a big tube where the water could flow down and when we went down, the dog went back. But then Elder P. found a really old and crusted piece of rope and made a noose out of it. So he put it in front of the tube and then I climbed down and scared the dog towards the tube. Then the dog walked through the loop and Elder P yanked the rope and we saved the dog! 

Cool things I learned...
I learned why all the jokes that talk about the gates of heaven always mention St. Peter. I already knew the scripture, but two weeks ago it clicked. In Mat 16:18-19, it talks about Jesus giving the keys of heaven to Peter, hence, Peter is the person that lets us in.

In the hobbit and books, it really is possible to blow smoke rings. The problem with cigarettes is that the smoke isn't heavy/dense enough. There's a weird thing you can use that uses water vapor and some weird things to smoke and you can blow smoke rings. Cool.

Monday, March 30, 2015

White House Report

Soo, I registered for BYU! This past week was great, we got level 7 on the key indicator thing I sent a month ago. I don't have much time, but Ic. was baptized!!!! And he's way solid! He was baptized on Saturday and then that same night played guitar and sang in the stake talent show. He sang 'You and Me' by Lifehouse. Pretty cool. but I'll include more stuff in next weeks e-mail.

Have a great week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

White House Branch

So here's my new comp! He played semi-pro soccer before the mission and he's pretty chill. This past week we worked a lot and found a lot of cool new people. Also we continued working with the cool people that we already had.
When Elder P. came in, we moved all of the furniture in the house around. It's a little different, but cleaner.

Soo, peeps to pray for
V. to stay excited and come to church again
I. to come to church again and start living law of chastity
Ic. to receive an answer to be baptized! and also that we can find him at home every day this week.
times up, but have a good week!

Monday, March 16, 2015

White House Branch

Soo, transfers are happening again. My comp is being transferred to Goiania and I'm getting a companion that's coming in from Patos de Minas. It's about 4 hours away from here and is the furthest area away from Goiania.
This pizza was really, really, really good. It was roughly 12 dollars.
But my companion is from the north of Brazil. It's the area of Brazil that's known for being poorer and less educated and things like that. His name is Elder P. He's from Belém. Belém is where the amazons are. But if he's from the big city he probably hasn't seen much of it. He has the same time in the mish as Elder A. (1 comp ago) and he's going to show up here this evening around 5.

Is it okay to be tired of transfers and new comps? I already have 8 different areas and Elder P.'s going to be my 17th comp including the mtc.

This next week I'm going to be giving a talk in sacrament meeting with the topic "wickedness never was happiness." It's a 10 minute talk, so it's going to be hard to fit everything in, but it'll work out well.

Well, here are some peeps to pray for, also thanks for the prayers last week. I. read in the Book of Mormon, but was too sick to go to church. He said that he's going to give the church "a chance" and that he's going to read two chapters in the Book of Mormon,  pray and go to church this Sunday and see about being baptized depending on how he feels. Pray for him!

Monday, March 9, 2015

White House Branch

Lan House!
Or in english, Internet Cafe

Something cool that happened was that yesterday (Sunday) was woman's day. Cool, right? My comp said that Brazil is the country that has more holidays than most of the other countries in the world.

Soo, this past week we went to a pizza place and ate pizza with a fork and knife! It's pretty cool.

Also, prayers... pray for N. and Pe. to be able to keep going strong and going to church.
Also Ic. so that we can get in contact with him and teach him so he can get baptized
Also E., so that he can keep progressing and go to church again.

Monday, March 2, 2015

White House Branch

Soo, there isn't much to include in this e-mail besides that another baptism happened!!
We found them by talking with some investigators and asking for references. There was a small boy that passed by that was 8 years old and we talked to him about stopping by his house. His dad is from another religion, but we found N. and Pe. Pe.'s brother was baptized when he lived with them in São Paulo, but he moved away to his dad's house and then committed suicide there. Sad, but we came in and taught the Plan of Salvation first, and then kept on passing by, they went to church the first Sunday, then the second, almost didn't baptize b/c they had to stop taking coffee. But, they stopped and were baptized 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday! 

It's great to be with comp that's down to work and get things done. I've only had a few comps here that are like that.

Also, there's a pizza place close-ish to home (15 minutes walking really really fast) that has pizza buffet. And they have dessert pizza! Lots of it. So whenever I go there, even though I don't like sweets that much, I get it b/c it's so good. Also, there's one night during the week when you can go there and get ice cream pizza. It's dessert pizza with a big scoop of ice-cream on top and you can choose what kind of pizza you want too. Needless to say, I'd like to stop by there more, but we're working a lot and pizza places here only open after 6-7 o´clock and we usually go there at 8:30 at the end of the day, eat, and then walk/run home.

Monday, February 23, 2015

White House Branch

     Alright, this past week was pretty great again! We got level 4 on the pattern of excellence. This ward where I am is one of the coolest wards that I've passed through. The members here are down for missionary work. For example, we got 5 member references on Sunday and 10 in the week. And we got 9 last week. We're working a ton and teaching a lot and doing our best.

    I received the call of death last Wednesday, the 18th.... so I'm going to be going home soon. Technically no, but it's weird being one of the missionaries with more time in the mission.

     Also, something that I didn't mention is that in this mission and I think the rest of the missions in Brasil, the missionaries can't go on splits with members and aren't supposed to go on many exchanges with other missionaries.

    I had another allergic reaction 2 wks ago and it wasn't too bad, it was just inconvenient with the scratching, but nothing crazy happened b/c I had just a little bit. Then it was all good, then a few days ago, I got the thought in my head, hmmm I don't really know if it's honey or not that gives me an allergic reaction. So I ate a cookie that's the closest that you can find that tastes like a graham cracker here. Also, this cookie had honey in it. I only ate two of them and then later on that day I started itching again. Now I can say that I'm officially allergic to honey and that it's not just a suspicion.

     Also, I had this weird allergic reaction with the inside of my eyelid and there was a weird blister looking thing on the bottom left eyelid. Then we called a member and he helped us find an eye doctor. Then the eye doctor checked out my eyes and put a anti pain eyedrops into my eyes and then checked out the pressure of my eyes. She had me sit down and put my chin on top of a strap and put my forehead on another. She had a weird machine that she would look through and on the tip had a purple/blue light. Then she moved it around and then touched it to my eye. To me it just seemed that the arm and purple cylindrical thing was really, really, really close to my eye, but it was touching.... and my eye pressure was normal. Yeah, it was pretty cool. My first time at the eye doctor's. Then she gave me some eyedrops to drop into my eye every day. One of them tastes weird because I drop it in and it drains into the nasal canals and into the back of my throat and leaves a nasty taste in the back of my mouth.

So we were walking on the sidewalk and my comp said to me that we just passed a cacau tree which is the tree that makes the nuts that make chocolate. So I got the thing that holds the nuts and opened it up and got this nut. It doesn't taste or appear anything like chocolate. I heard that you're supposed to leave it in the sun for a few days and then do some other things to make it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

White House Branch: BRAZIL

Hey!! So this week was pretty sweet, I worked really hard w/ Elder N. and we had a lot of results. We were out working almost every day until 9:30. Then we went on to reach level 4. So every mission has the pattern of excellence that the mission president made. But our mission president did something different and changed it into a system of levels.

Hey, here's a cool pic. Banana pizza, who would've ever thought of it? Pizza dough with mozzarella cheese and bananas and sugar and cinnamon. It's ridiculously tasty.
Also if you combine chocolate with banana, it get's even better.
yeah, it's Brazil!!

Here's what Guaraná looks like! It's pretty cool looking and looks like beer. I joke around sometimes at lunch (because the members always have Guaraná there) that I'm drinking beer.