Monday, December 1, 2014

White House Brazil

This transfer's going to be a 5 week transfer b/c of Christmas, so transfers are going to happen pretty soon already. On the 17th of Dec. It's great that time is passing quickly on the mish, and we're having fun here.

Last week's p-day was pretty sweet, we live with the zl's so we know pretty much what's happening in the zone. Also we help them plan activities if we have them. So everyone got together at one of the chapels here and we played b-ball, football (soccer), and volleyball. It was pretty great! In this mish, it's against the rules to play soccer because of the contact. But there's a cool game that the missionaries play on the indoor courts that doesn't have contact.

Really big packages that are sent to missionaries are getting stuck in the post office and you have to pay a fee to take it out. But it's large boxes, parents have been sending ridiculously huge packages to their kids packages about 2X2X2 or larger. (basically excessive) But the flat rate boxes are all great sizes.

Rain here shuts everything down. Usually there's people all around in the road, at the shops, and drinking beer on the corners. But with the rain, everything stops. Also the missionary work. But if we're knocking doors it helps with people letting us come in.

Also, I was reading from a book the other day about the priesthood and in the book (written by LeGrand Richards) said (poucos dias após a primeira ordenação) or a few days after the first ordination, they received the Melchizedek priesthood. Also, thanks for the answers to the question.

Have a great week!
also, something that's cool is that the church bought the banner or masthead for YouTube on Dec. 7 in a lot of countries. Such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil.

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