Monday, December 8, 2014

White House Branch

This past week was pretty chill, we worked but didn't see that many results. But I forgot to mention in the last e-mail that J. was baptized! We were able to complete a family. She was already a member, but she was less-active and then we reactivated her and her two daughters and also baptized her husband!

Something that I learned a while ago but only started using recently is the word bicho. Pronounced beeshoo and said quickly. I read the word whenever I read Ender's Game or Shadow, and in the book the author used a few Brazilian words for slang. I always thought that it was a bad word changed a little bit to be slang. But it just means dude or man. (whenever you use it in that sense) It also means animal and bug.

Also, it's really weird here with the way people eat. Everyone eats with a knife and fork at the same time and use them for everything! For example, one week we were at a restaurant and eating, and this elder next to me started eating french fries with a fork! It was weird, but now with just over 7 months here, I'm getting used to eating with a knife all the time.

But have a great week and share the spirit of Christmas
with everyone!

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