Tuesday, December 30, 2014

White House Branch

Well, here are some of the happenings of the last two weeks.

I had snickers two Sundays ago and it had been a while since I've had it and I liked it! Well, I officially like snickers.

I finally found something here like ranch. it's called caseiro. Finally I can put it on pizza...

Also, it was raining the other day and I saw a double rainbow, I've seen a lot more rainbows here than when I was in the states, I would say it's because it rains so much. But when there's a double rainbow, the colors are oppositely ordered. It's vibgyor, then roygbiv on the bottom.

Also, more on everyone eating with only forks and knives here. I was in a house where we all ate pizza with a fork and knife. Needless to say, it was weird.

Also, something I forgot to mention when we were talking on Christmas is that I can play 4 hymns in the hymnbook reasonably well. I can't play any others, but Ye Elders of Israel seems to be the easiest to me.

Also, McDonald's and Burger King are really expensive here. For example, the 69 cent burgers that you can buy at McDonald's on the special days are $2.50 here. (converted to dollars)

Also, we had this cool Mission conference on the 17th and we woke up at 5:40, then traveled and chilled in Goiânia the whole day. We first had a devotional thing from the mission pres and his wife and a counselor, then we took pictures as a mish, then we had Christmas dinner and then a mission talent show! I was in a thing where we sung 12 days of Christmas. But it was in Portuguese and things that happen on the mission here. Then we got home and then in bed at 11:30.

I found an interesting passage in the scriptures that has a blessing of what happens when we listen to good music. 1 Sam 16:14-23. (some of the doctrine as to why we try to listen to good and tasteful music)

Have a great week!

E. White

Monday, December 22, 2014

White House Branch

Well, I didn't have as much time to e-mail today, but have a great week and a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

White House Branch

Well, not much happened this past week.... not much work, and not many results. But we received transfer calls and I'm going to be staying 7 more weeks with Elder Av. Also, Christmas for the mission happens on the 17th and things are going to be great! Also, I hope that with the turn of the transfer and one person leaving the house that we'll be able to work more and get things done.

Here's some pics of the area and what it looks like outside of the city. The city has houses until one point and then it's straight up farms.

This is my planner from this past transfer.

Pics of the desk where we study

Check it, I took a blank planner and my preach my gospel to a book binding place and look at what they did!

PMG (Preach My Gospel)

Monday, December 8, 2014

White House Branch

This past week was pretty chill, we worked but didn't see that many results. But I forgot to mention in the last e-mail that J. was baptized! We were able to complete a family. She was already a member, but she was less-active and then we reactivated her and her two daughters and also baptized her husband!

Something that I learned a while ago but only started using recently is the word bicho. Pronounced beeshoo and said quickly. I read the word whenever I read Ender's Game or Shadow, and in the book the author used a few Brazilian words for slang. I always thought that it was a bad word changed a little bit to be slang. But it just means dude or man. (whenever you use it in that sense) It also means animal and bug.

Also, it's really weird here with the way people eat. Everyone eats with a knife and fork at the same time and use them for everything! For example, one week we were at a restaurant and eating, and this elder next to me started eating french fries with a fork! It was weird, but now with just over 7 months here, I'm getting used to eating with a knife all the time.

But have a great week and share the spirit of Christmas
with everyone!

Monday, December 1, 2014

White House Brazil

This transfer's going to be a 5 week transfer b/c of Christmas, so transfers are going to happen pretty soon already. On the 17th of Dec. It's great that time is passing quickly on the mish, and we're having fun here.

Last week's p-day was pretty sweet, we live with the zl's so we know pretty much what's happening in the zone. Also we help them plan activities if we have them. So everyone got together at one of the chapels here and we played b-ball, football (soccer), and volleyball. It was pretty great! In this mish, it's against the rules to play soccer because of the contact. But there's a cool game that the missionaries play on the indoor courts that doesn't have contact.

Really big packages that are sent to missionaries are getting stuck in the post office and you have to pay a fee to take it out. But it's large boxes, parents have been sending ridiculously huge packages to their kids packages about 2X2X2 or larger. (basically excessive) But the flat rate boxes are all great sizes.

Rain here shuts everything down. Usually there's people all around in the road, at the shops, and drinking beer on the corners. But with the rain, everything stops. Also the missionary work. But if we're knocking doors it helps with people letting us come in.

Also, I was reading from a book the other day about the priesthood and in the book (written by LeGrand Richards) said (poucos dias após a primeira ordenação) or a few days after the first ordination, they received the Melchizedek priesthood. Also, thanks for the answers to the question.

Have a great week!
also, something that's cool is that the church bought the banner or masthead for YouTube on Dec. 7 in a lot of countries. Such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil.