Monday, November 24, 2014

White House Branch Report

This past week was great, we worked pretty hard and were able to see results. Washington dropped off of the face of the map, but one family came to church this past week and also this guy that was in a less active family (now active) is preparing to baptized this Saturday!

Well, something funny that happened this past week was Elder Av. has an ingrown toenail and he didn't do anything about it for 3 months. But we went this past week and he's getting it taken care of. It was swelled up and a little infected, so we went to the doctor Wed.-Fri. and today-someday this week and the doctor is cutting off bit by bit and fixing the toe every day. (because it was so bad) It's not that funny, but it's funny to me that it was left for so long and now he takes care of it with me here.

We have lunches here every day, it's a lot better than most of the areas in the us. When I was serving in a branch w/ a lot of latins, we had lunch almost every day. But at the lunches, whenever we have icecream here, every single time that we've had it - it was napoleon ice cream. just an interesting thing in the life of a missionary in Brazil.

I always had a question about the word of wisdom and meat, I never changed my eating habits because of it, but I've always had the question in the back of my mind. Are we supposed to only eat a tiny bit of meat? Or can we eat normally? There are a lot of people that go vegetarian and use D&C as an excuse. Animal treatment also, but I was reading the other day and my question was answered! 

D&C 49:18-19 - you can eat meat, the key is in the moderation.

People already said it to me, but I finally found it written down and cited.

Have a great thanksgiving!!!!!

--note from Mary Ann, check out this site:
If you're thinking about a mission or wondering about other what other missions are like around the world, then here's a cool place to go. 

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