Monday, November 17, 2014

White House Branch Report

So I'm in the area Maracanã in the city Anápolis with Elder Av. He's way chill and laid back and not I guess crazy. I was a little scared to have another Brazilian companion again, but it's a lot easier with him than Elder N. Thank goodness! and we got a pic together!

Here is a lot cooler (temperature wise) than the other areas here and has about the same humidity (just from feeling) as Rio Verde. The wards here are small, some are big, but the majority of them are really small. 50-80 people. The mission Brazil Goiânia is the mission in Brazil with the highest retention rate, which is really good because that means if you baptize someone, they won't go inactive immediately. Also, I met the bishop and his wife before arriving in this area! The bishop's wife's mother lives in my last area and they were there one time when we had lunch there.

Also, the house that we have here is the best house I've been in in Brazil. Clean, there's power that goes to all of the outlets, and there isn't a lot of dust in the air making your shirt and the house dirty.

In this area, there's a store that sells Skippy peanut butter! I'm probably going to go there next p-day and buy a lot!

For me, it's a little bit difficult to wake up at 6:30 and then work out for 30 minutes, so I started ironing my shirt first, and then working out and it's been working pretty well for the past transfer.

Also, my elbow doesn't hurt anymore whenever I extend my arm and push down on my wrist. Finally my arm is almost back to normal and I can do normal things and work out without hurting more than I'm supposed to.

This past week of work was really cool and we found some really cool people to teach. I came into the area with someone who's going to be baptized on the 29th of this month and we're working with him and he's really solid. We're completing a family and he's the last one to be baptized, (the husband) --- Also, we found a sweet family of 5 people and they're way cool, they didn't come to church the past Sunday, but they gave their word for the next week and it was really solid. Also, Saturday we were knocking doors and Elder Av. was tired of doing it, so he said let's go to this one house I know of a former investigator. We walked for a while to there, and then I say this guy sitting on the sidewalk outside of his house playing with his kids and I said, let's talk with him real quick! We walked over, talked with him, his name is W. and had an amazing lesson and he's going to come to church this next Sunday and then soon be baptized.

Have an fabulous week!

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