Tuesday, November 4, 2014

White House Branch

So in this mission and in all of Brazil, each cell phone gets 100 minutes per month for calling people and there is no texting. But there's unlimited minutes to other missionaries.

This past week was really cool. We worked hard and were able to get a member referral and contact them, and their son is going to get baptized this week and we're going to work on them getting married so that they can also! Their family went to the church this past week and are pretty solid. I'm really excited for them!

Also, T. is really cool! We took the branch president over to his house and they talked for about 1.5 hrs. The branch president gave a message about the Book of Mormon and then gave his conversion story. And this guy was an elect, he saw the missionaries on the bus and asked for a Book of Mormon because he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ in the Americas because one of his professors talked about it at college. He then got baptized, baptized his girlfriend, and then served a mission. Really elect, right?

Then T. told his conversion story and then we (Elder G. and then me after) realized: T. was an elect! He was searching for the truth all of his life, he knew the Bible really well and had checked out a lot of different churches, but he never really found the truth. Then one night he was pulling into his house, and we were walking by his house and he and his wife called us and we went up and talked to him, talked about English and if we could stop by another day.

Then we taught him and he got baptized. And he's the gerente de comunicação of catech in Rio Verde. It's like manager of communications and he's really smart and loves to learn. He already has almost finished reading in 1st Nephi!

During the elections, all of the people running threw little cards out on every street in the city. Pretty expensive and dirty, but it's legal here!

This past week was great and this week also will be!

The Book of Mormon spans over the time of the Old Testament and the New Testament. But in the Book of Mormon, where is the branch of switching over to the New Testament or the end of the mosaic law? Here's some cool things:
3N11:15 - Testimony of Jesus Christ, the break in the Book of Mormon
3N11:18-21 - Calling of Prophet
3N12:13,18 - Tithing and offerings
and there's an invitation to look more and see the different parts of the church that Jesus establishes in the Americas that were in the old church of Jesus Christ and the Church today. It's really fascinating to see how it all correlates and makes sense.

This is this Transfer's Planner:
Last Transfer's Planner:

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