Monday, October 20, 2014

White House Branch

This past week was pretty great, we worked really hard and got really tired and it was really hot. There was no ac, and it was fun sleeping in hot weather. But it rained yesterday, so it's a lot cooler and should get a lot better.

T. wasn't baptized this past week, but we're going to work with him and this other person to get baptized this Saturday

Also, something different about here and the US for missionary work and baptisms is that people here are baptized on Saturday and then confirmed on Sunday. It's a really great way to keep people from slipping through the cracks and not being confirmed.

Another thing is that  when people are baptized here, they call people to enter the water. With the doors open, they call the person baptizing and then they call the other person getting baptized to "enter the waters of baptism."

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