Monday, October 13, 2014

White House Branch

This week was awesome too! I was able to work a ton with Elder G. and we're sure to see the results soon! So those people that I said would baptize themselves? They were baptized last week and confirmed yesterday.

It's crazy hearing about all of the new nieces and nephew that I'm going to have. 2 so far on the mish and 2 more to come. Crazy! And maybe more.. who knows.
Something that I've started doing is instead of keeping a journal is taking a video of myself every night of the accounts of the day. It's pretty cool. And a lot easier and faster than writing.
We've got a cool investigator that has come to church two times and is progressing pretty well. He's a big manager in his company so he travels a lot. But he's great and is smart. He likes using questions and discussing to find the answer and to learn. His wife went to church once but she's kinda like a hipster on steroids in the fact that she is against everything else that people believe in and she questions everything. She doesn't accept prophets and stuff like that but it's really fun talking with her because she makes you think about the why and her personality is really great. But we're working on her and he's going to be baptized soon, and she will follow.
Also, I downloaded some of the talks of general conference because the internet here didn't work very well and we didn't get to watch a lot of talks. But things are going great and Elder G.'s great too!
Also, Elder G. is great, he's from Washington, he got accepted to play football at BYU Provo. But he's going to have to try out again after the mish. And things are going great here in Rio Verde, GoiĆ¢nia, Brazil.
Check it out! Envelopes in Brazil don't have the lick glue, so to send letters you have to use this thing!

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