Monday, October 6, 2014

White House Branch

This past week was awesome!! I was able to get better at Portuguese and learn how to understand people better. And I got a new comp!

His name is Elder G.! And he has 9 siblings too! he has 3 sisters and 6 brothers! It's pretty cool! He's got 11 months in Brazil, so he speaks Portuguese pretty well. Also, he likes to work, so this transfer will pass by quickly. And I met him before the mish at BYU! Small world! It was a great first week and miracles are to come.

General conference was really awesome. We only had 2 investigators come but it was really awesome. It was great practicing eavesdropping on people. We watched conference in Portuguese, and so the mouths didn't match up very well. I understood it alright, but in the last session, I was able to concentrate a lot more and get it all. Especially the talk by Godoy. (in Portuguese) it was great being able to understand something all the way from conference. I'd say my favorites were Godoy and Bednar.

Here people use 3% milk instead of 2%

The average Brazilian consumes 20 liters of vegetable oil per year. They cook with it a looot.

Also, here moped and motorcycle are the same word in Portuguese and it's cool to have a moped and some people have tricked out mopeds.

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