Monday, September 29, 2014

Whitehouse report

Well, this week has short time to email also, but...

Now I'm pretty fluent in Portuguese. It's nice. I only have problems now whenever I try to talk really specifically. My accent's terrible, well, not terrible, but I hope that in  7 months my accent will be able to be like a Brazilian's. Right now, I'm reading in a book that the mission president gave all of us to read, The Power of the Member Missionary. It's a white book with blue borders. Here we travel by bus and foot. We walk everywhere and if we have a meeting elsewhere in the city we use the bus. Also, if we are transferred we travel by charter bus. It's pretty sweet.

But I never have enough time to email, so have a great week!

Here's some water fountains from Brazil, called filters! They're way weaker than in the US.

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