Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whitehouse Report

This past week was really, really cool!

I've decided to change it up with talking about everyday things in Brazil that are different b/c I've run out of things to say, but......

There are some really cool colored birds that are green that are all over the place. I think they're macaws or in the same family. They fly over us all the time in the road and they squawk.
Elder C. and I are working a lot in our area and we are seeing many miracles and people progressing! We're teaching this really cool guy called C. and his sister Cl. and they're way cool! Cl. has gone to church twice and has gone from smoking 5 cigarettes a day to one a week! and his sister has been to church once and is really solid for being baptized soon.

check it! a jw gave us lots of literature!!

Also, we were able to see a miracle this past week! We started teaching a guy 3 weeks ago and he went to church twice. then this past week, he started working
in a meat processing plant and has crazy hours, but we were able to meet with him this past Thursday and prep him for baptism, then he was interviewed Friday, then baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Saturday!! He pretty much baptized himself and we're really happy for him!!!

Also here's a pic of everyone in our district at lunch with a member!

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