Tuesday, September 2, 2014

White House Branch #9

I thought it was cool that dad always jokes about the whitehouse things, so I've decided to experiment with different ways to use it!

Well, our branch here is really awesome! The members are giving us tons of references and helping us out in pretty much any way we need. The members here help more than any other ward that I've been in and we have the work here to be able to utilize all of them.
Also, we're opening the area here, so it was a fun last two weeks trying to navigate around our area. Also, here there are a lot of elect and ready people that are ready to be baptized. I'm excited for that!

So we camped out in a house for a few days when we arrived here and after we moved into the sister's house and they moved to a different house. It's been pretty cool here, but food is a little more expensive here than in other cities, but it's okay because of how the members are feeding us!

In Brazil they play the game Ninja!! (where you slap each others hands and if you touch their hand they're out) and also, here they play 21! but it's a very wishy washy version of 21 that is kinda lame without much competition. But times up, see ya!

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