Tuesday, August 5, 2014

this past week.

This past week, we didn't work very much and Elder N. switched it up and said that I was making all of the decisions Saturday night and that if we didn't get any results it was my fault. We're finally working now as a result of it. And the "friends" term doesn't exist anymore. He burned the comp unity bridge again. I really hope that I'm not companions with him again or apartment again because I can feel myself starting to get depressed. It's been really, really, really, really, really hard these past 2.5 months w/ him. But I can speak Portuguese now. That's good.
Also, in Brazil there's always a long line at the lottery store. Every one that I've passed by, there's always people there in a line.

Also, some of the water in some areas in the mission are known for sterilizing males and females, thankfully not very much in the city that I'm in. (Uberlândia)

We also had zone training and the president of the mission was there and he taught some cool things about applying the brother of Jared stone story to missionary work.

Also we have district training in this zone every Tuesday in the morning. it's pretty chill.

Things are going alright, I just wish they could be better, but the transfer's only got 1.5 more weeks.

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