Monday, August 25, 2014

Rio Verde Centro

Well, I was transferred last week and it was pretty cool!

We traveled out on Wednesday by bus and spent the night in the zone leader's house in the Goiania north zone. Then we woke up early in the morning and took the Goiania city bus to the chapel and had a transfer meeting. The transfer meetings in Brazil are really different and there's a lot of shouting that goes on. It's different, but it's good. My companion is Elder C. and he's from Peru! He's got a lot of artsy talents that will be cool to learn! Now I'm in the Rio Verde Centro zona and Rio Verde Centro district and Rio Verde Centro area. It's pretty nice being able to work in a city area because everything is close and you don't have to get jipped with buying crazy expensive stuff or junky stuff.

Time's short, bye!!

I'll continue in the next e-mail!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Heyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got transferred!! I'm leaving the area of Planalto 2 and going to Goiânia! This is kinda bad to say, but this is the first time I'm happy leaving an area. All of my other areas I secretly wished to stay. Don't get me wrong, the members here are awesome. I love the area. But there are just other problems. But I'm free! I love the members here and they all want to try and help us! That's how it was in all of my other wards too! The members help us so much and we are so blessed when we accept the help. All the missionaries are so blessed because of the time that we have here on our missions and members!
I'm going to be leaving tomorrow at 8:30ish from the house. We're going to catch a bus to the rodoviária (bus stop) and then meet up with some other elders so that one of them doesn't have to be alone. (one of them is leaving at 9:30) and then we'll chill with the companion that stays there til 12:30 and then leave Uberlandia and start our trip to Goiânia, the city. And we're supposed to arrive at 6:00. I'm excited to know who my companion will be and also where my area will be and all of the members.

Thinking about it, I think the main thing that I look for in a companion is someone that: is chill, works hard, (diligent) and someone that is trustworthy. 

Things about Brazil : Everyone here does thumbs up. For everything! It was a little weird when I showed up here, but it's normal now.

til next week with more info!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This past week, I had my Birthday! I let slip Saturday that I didn't really have any big plans for my birthday. Then my companion tells me at 4 pm-ish that we were invited to go to the member's house around 8:30. We stopped by, said hi and there were salgados and cake! Salgados are little bread things that taste really good. We took some pics, and there were sparklers as candles. It was pretty legit. And the sister that put it on said a toast and at the end, she said : "The missionaries are my family. We love the missionaries and I've got two sons here that will serve missions and I hope that in the future, the people in the areas that my sons will be serving will treat them as if they were family." It was way cool!
Also, the mission president and zone leaders highly recommended flat rate boxes to those of y'all that would like to send packages. They almost always pass through and the missionaries receive the packages especially if there's a few Jesus pics and a few crosses. The packages go straight to the mission office and then the zone leaders bring them to us whenever we have a zone meeting.

There was a Temple of Solomon constructed in São Paulo recently. It costs 47 reais to enter. Zany. It's fun talking with members about it because it's such a foreign idea to pay to enter a temple. Technically we pay to enter the temple with tithing, but it's just weird that just anyone can enter. Look up pics of it, I hear it's pretty cool!!

All that they build with here is brick and concrete and in office buildings, they use a lot of glass and for doors of stores. Glass is the style here besides brick and concrete. Drywall hardly doesn't exist here.

Something funny, I was reading in the Isaiah part of the Book of Mormon the other day and found "carro" which means car. I was like, what is this? I went to the English scriptures and found that "carro" in Portuguese means chariot also. Makes for some funny mix-ups.

I was doing a street contact the other day and contacting a guy, and he said: Are you from Argentina? This is a little different than everyone else, because pretty much everyone else says Germany or the US. Maybe my accent is getting better because he thought I was from South America and not from Germany or the US? Also, Argentinians are really white compared to the people in other countries in South America. And there are a lot of white Mexicans too. (I encountered one who was a member when I was in Davie, FL.) And a few white Brazilians.

Also, in Brazil, it's okay to teach and enter a home if there's only two women inside or a woman and a 7 year old. Crazy, huh?

Something that others found to be funny in the moment was in the CTM (Centro de Treinamento de Missionários) or MTC was when we were practicing meeting people and I substituted Spanish words for Portuguese words that I forgot. I was like: tudo bem? he said tudo bem. And instead of saying prazer, I said: mucho gusto. And everyone busted out laughing. I don't really get what was so funny, but maybe y'all will smile b/c of it.

Check it out, I found some cashew fruits! the fruit looking part isn't the fruit. It's the dark cashew-looking thing. but the cashew-looking thing is about the size of half of your thumb.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

this past week.

This past week, we didn't work very much and Elder N. switched it up and said that I was making all of the decisions Saturday night and that if we didn't get any results it was my fault. We're finally working now as a result of it. And the "friends" term doesn't exist anymore. He burned the comp unity bridge again. I really hope that I'm not companions with him again or apartment again because I can feel myself starting to get depressed. It's been really, really, really, really, really hard these past 2.5 months w/ him. But I can speak Portuguese now. That's good.
Also, in Brazil there's always a long line at the lottery store. Every one that I've passed by, there's always people there in a line.

Also, some of the water in some areas in the mission are known for sterilizing males and females, thankfully not very much in the city that I'm in. (Uberlândia)

We also had zone training and the president of the mission was there and he taught some cool things about applying the brother of Jared stone story to missionary work.

Also we have district training in this zone every Tuesday in the morning. it's pretty chill.

Things are going alright, I just wish they could be better, but the transfer's only got 1.5 more weeks.