Thursday, July 31, 2014

it's going!

This past week has been better than the past weeks. Every week for this past transfer and a half has improved. Now I'd say that my companion and I are on terms of friendship. So far here, I've given 2 talks in Portuguese. One was my second week here and the second not this past Sunday but two Sundays ago. It's really easy writing a talk in another language but trying to give one with just bullet points in Portuguese is far more difficult. The first talk I gave here was good, I talked for 12ish minutes and no one could understand what I said. I know this now because people walked up this past week and said wow, your talk was way better than the last one! The last one it just sounded like bluh bler blah mah. Palavras, mas não dou para entender. (words, but it was really hard to understand.) And now, I'm starting to think more in Portuguese, which is good. These past few weeks have been very good weeks to develop Christ-like attributes and they're getting better and better. Have a great week!
love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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