Thursday, July 31, 2014

it's going!

This past week has been better than the past weeks. Every week for this past transfer and a half has improved. Now I'd say that my companion and I are on terms of friendship. So far here, I've given 2 talks in Portuguese. One was my second week here and the second not this past Sunday but two Sundays ago. It's really easy writing a talk in another language but trying to give one with just bullet points in Portuguese is far more difficult. The first talk I gave here was good, I talked for 12ish minutes and no one could understand what I said. I know this now because people walked up this past week and said wow, your talk was way better than the last one! The last one it just sounded like bluh bler blah mah. Palavras, mas não dou para entender. (words, but it was really hard to understand.) And now, I'm starting to think more in Portuguese, which is good. These past few weeks have been very good weeks to develop Christ-like attributes and they're getting better and better. Have a great week!
love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 2

This past week we were able to start working and we finally have some investigators and are working with them, which is good. The companionship relationship is continually improving, and it helps that we can finally communicate well. Things are going a lot better and thankfully, I feel like I'm not thinking in slow motion any more.

Elder Noriega and me!!!
I drank papaya and lemon juice, it was really, really good.
Also, guaraná is in bottles of 300 ml, 500 ml, 1l, 1.5l 2l, 2.5l, 3l and 3.3l. People here drink so much of it that it's not an art, but there's a type of bottle of guaraná for every different type of get-together there is.

I don't really have that much time, but know that I love y'all!

Elder White

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chillin' in Brasil!

Well, my Portuguese keeps getting better and better, except for on p-days (I listen to talks that are only in English). Also I can hold a conversation now without too many pauses.

I forgot to include last week that Elder N. and I are still together and that he's slowly getting better. It's a lot more fun to chill with him now than a few weeks ago.
Also, try and interpret my emails with the message that is implied because sometimes I leave out some necessary words or change them to similar words. Like than, that, and then.

Well, have a good week! Also a great talks to check out are "Flaxen Threads" and the talk by Brad Wilcox about the Atonement from the BYU devotionals.

See ya!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

This Past Week!

This past week Elder N. didn't have bus fare to take the bus to district meeting and didn't want to borrow money from somebody, so we walked to district training. It was an interesting experience and we walked for 1.5 hrs. Man, I was sore. I didn't even know you could get sore from walking. My legs were wayy sore, even my butt was sore.

Apple juice doesn't exist here, it's a bummer b/c it's almost on the same level as orange juice for me. But that's okay, because there's passion fruit gatorade here or maracujá. And there is cashew juice. How crazy is that? It tastes like regular salted cashews without the salt and sweet and juicy-like, it's pretty good. Apparently, the cashew is a fruit and there are just nuts growing off of the fruit. I would suggest looking it up. Very fascinating.
The game of Brasil vs. Germany is coming up tomorrow @ 5. We're going to go inside when the game starts or maybe go in a little before and not go out after.

Quick lesson in Portuguese, bamdo means a flock or group of ducks and 'tudo bêm' means how's it going, but they say it whenever they see anyone. 
Reunited with Elder B. from the MTC!!

I'm also a lot skinner now that I was in Florida. I've returned to the pre-mish weight of about 178.86ish, but that's with boots on and all of my clothes, so actually I'm probably about 174.

Also, gas here is 2.69/liter.  My Portuguese is coming along and I'm getting pretty well at talking to people and reading, but understanding people when they are talking really fast or using words that I don't know, it goes straight over my head.

Also, there's been a lot of people asking for a birthday list and here it is:
I probably need about 2 more pairs of pants because right now I only have 4 and washing the clothes every 4 days gets to be a hassle. And I think I'll run through them before the end of my mission, if I wear them every 4 days.

Also, an external hard drive to hold all of my stuff. I have some sd cards, but it would be really nice to take videos of myself talking and other things. With a hard drive, I would be able to free up all of my space. Even a 64 gig usb drive would work. 

Socks. We walk a loooot. and my socks are all developing holes.

Elder B.'s desk is neater than mine.

Around the Apartment

 Around Brasil