Monday, June 23, 2014

This Past Week

This past week was better, we finally started to do things after Friday. Which isn't saying much, but it's progress.

Here's a recipe that someone gave me that's really interesting measurements and directions. Also, you may need to use Google Translate or something.

Pão de queijo - cheese bread (reeeaaaly good!)
4 copos (requijão) de poilvilho
4 ovos
1 copo cheio de leite
1 copo de óleo (faltando dois dedos para encher)
1 prato cheio de queijo ralado
sal a gosto
Preparo: Ferver o leite e o óleo. Jogar em cima do polvilho e sovar (fazer uma farofa) deixar esfriar um pouco e adicionar os ovos, amassando bem. Por último coloque sal a gosto e o queijo ralado. Untar a forma e as mãos. Fazer as bolinhas e colocar par assar em forma.

Also, the yogurt here is different, it's way more viscous here than in the US. It's like a really milked (watered) down smoothie that tastes amazing. And I use it whenever I eat cereal instead of milk. 

Also, I'm going to try and take a video of me playing piano and send it next week. I don't know how it'll work, because we can only send 15 mb per e-mail.

Also one last thing that's been bugging me in this mission is that all of the leadership is right and if they do something it's okay, but if you do something it's not right. Something a little annoying. But hey, I can change it with time.
*side note from Mary Ann
I looked this stuff up and it looks delicious!
 It's basically (according to Google Translate): 
Pão de queijo - Cheese Bread (really good!)
4 cups (curd) of poilvilho (Starch)
4 eggs
1 full cup of milk
1 cup oil (missing two fingers to fill)
1 plateful of grated cheese
salt to taste
Preparation: Boil the milk and oil. Play upon starch and knead (make a headlight) let cool slightly and add the eggs, kneading well. Finally add salt to taste and the grated cheese. Greasing and hands. Making the balls and place on baking pair form.
Here's another site with the recipee if y'all want to compare:

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