Monday, June 9, 2014

Slow Week

This past week was really slow and the week before with Elder N., he's a little trunky, has a toothache, and feels bad, and doesn't want to be in this area. It's pretty funny, he sent an e-mail to the president asking to be transferred out the first p-day he got here. He's also really into lower laws that might be good but aren't rules. But hey, makes for an interesting 1 or 2 transfers, eh? Or maybe 3.

Well, time is flying here in Brazil and on the mish. It's way good being on a mission, it's like the furnace that Isaiah talks about. It's way cool and a way good experience.

Also, my feet are dying, or were dying b/c I was using my shoes that work and don't have holes. But I went back to my old shoes and just patched them with paper and tape. My feet are doing a lot better now than before, thanks to that. my shoes look pretty raggedy from top-down and way worse from the side and the bottom. But hey, they're comfortable. It's great. Well, here's to a great week! gotta run! and there wasn't really anything interesting to talk about.
See y'all!

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