Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New comp, learning more Portuguese!

I have a Brazilian companion from Manaus! How cool is that!?? He's 23 and he's a really good guy. I think I have some pics of him. 

So, the way that they pronounce Elder White. the say Whitch. White with a 'ch' sound instead of the 't' sound.

The other day, I saw Herbie! same number, stripes and everything!

Also, there are toucans and all manner of birds on the power-lines, just chilling.

Kite flying here is really popular. It's the kite flying sport when you cut the other line with your kite. I've only heard of it once before I came to Brazil and it was in a book talking about professional competitions in in Australia.

We take two showers a day here, morning and night because of all of the dust here. Also, y'all remember the dream journal from a lot of months ago? It's still going and this past week, I've been having dreams every night, a couple a night. This past week, all of them had showers in them, and the one last night had a lot, coincidence?? I think not! Also, dreams are interesting b/c I think I remember most of my dreams compared to other missionaries and I can usually write 1 page of my dream. Weird, eh? But dream journals work to help you remember your dreams and dream more during your week if you're looking for something to spice up your night!

Also, most of y'all know this, but not all tea is bad or against the word of wisdom. Only these types of teas and tea with these in them: only camellia, sinensis, and ayahuasca, or basically black tea.

More people in Brazil do yoga than any other country in the world.

Also, we walk a ton!! It's ridiculous!!

Also, I don't know the pouch address, but I think Mom knows. My Portuguese is getting better every day. Hopefully I'll be fluent soon and be able to understand everyone and everything!


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