Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chilling in Brazil! (May 26)

My first comp in Brazil, Elder L.! He's an interesting guy. He likes to cook.
So, transfers are coming up tomorrow and I'm being transferred after only 3 weeks in the area... across the hall! I'll be in the same ward and my new companion will be coming in tomorrow night by bus! Transfers here are crazy because of the distances we need to travel to get to different places b/c the mission is so large. The whole transfer process takes about 2-3 days depending on your situation. It´s crazy. My companion left and my new companion will show up tomorrow night late by bus. I live about 9.5 hours away
from the mission office. (by bus) But the food here is pinto beans and rice and the food here that's eaten isn't typical Hispanic food. Brazil is a pocket tucked into south America that isn't like the rest of it. It's really strange here. But cool and 3rd world country. My companion will be Brazilian, Elder N.. I think he has about 1 year on his mish. The area that I'm in right now isn't as ghetto as I expected. It's a little nicer than my greenie area in FL. We're going to be whitewashing. (Starting the area w/ no investigators) But that area was really bad. The missionary work in Brazil is way easier, we can do street contacts and get solid investigators from the street contacts.

P-days here stink compared to in the states. All you can do here is e-mail, shop, and dink around in the apt. b/c there's nothing to do. I'm trying to change that though. I'm pretty sure that I ate pig ear the other day. Whenever we're walking down the street Brazilians try to speak English to us and they're impossible to understand b/c it's heavily accented. And the English teachers try and do the same thing and they speak only basic English.

These are last transfer's planner.

Something that I forgot is that in South FL, iguanas are pests and so there are tons of them nearby water. Lots and lots and lots of them. Alligators too, but in the more populated areas it's iguanas.

Here, we have sidewalks but the road is pretty much a sidewalk too. Things that Haitians would do in my first area make a lot more sense now. (b/c Haiti's third world).

I played piano for sacrament this past week, weird, isn't it?
Also I hit my 8 month mark yesterday! :)

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