Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Week

Brazilians drink way more soda than americans. It was difficult for me to believe, but after a month, I'm convinced. They drink it for every lunch they have. It's ridiculous. Basically it's considered not proper to have a 2 liter of soda for lunch.

1 in about 10 cars has the brazilian flag tacked onto their hood. It looks pretty cool, but it was a foreign concept that other countries don't "revere their flag" like we do. For example, it's okay to write on the flag and even the most patriotic brazilian wouldn't say anything.

I'm still learning a lot of portuguese, and it hasn't started messing with my english yet, but who knows? I'm getting better every day, and I'll continue improving. Maybe in a few months, it'll just be easier to use google translate than see my english.

Well, something interesting is that the only time I really counted my weeks was during my training in FL and here, but the training here is a little bit more interesting and trying. (I'm being trained twice to be a missionary) it's a little annoying, kinda needed but not. These past few weeks w/ Elder Noriega have been the most boring weeks of my mission, but I've only got a few more. Maybe we'll stay together for another transfer, who knows?

But have a great and marvelous summer!

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