Thursday, May 22, 2014

3rd Week in Planalto!

It's pretty sweet here, I gave a sacrament talk yesterday on how our religion is to save souls, it was pretty sweet, I don't know if people were able to understand me, but it's good. (I read all of the talk).

I don't have much time, but here's a summary of things that popped into my head and things that I saw/observed during the week.

Soo, in this mission there is no soccer allowed and p-days here are really boring. Just e-mailing, shopping, and chilling at the apartment. There isn't really anywhere to do recreational activities either or play b-ball or anything, just chilling.

The music options have opened up, here we can listen to MoTab, EFY, and music

Church here starts at 8:30 and it goes priesthood/relief society_sunday school_sacrament

Clocks here are on a 24 hour system but they use the 12 hour system too. you can say 7 hours of the night and it makes sense to them that it's 19h00

In Brazil, the sister missionaries aren't called irmas or hermanas, just sister (nametag) it's a word that the church made up in Portuguese that works

@ Jackson's ice cream parlor! apparently it's really, really popular!

The line to walk in is usually about 30 people long for the whole night!
Eggs are in cartons of 10

Brazilians have soda at every meal, and whenever I drink guaranĂ¡, I'm always tired, (so I don't drink it now)

Also Brazilians have rice and pinto beans with every single meal here. even if they have pizza, a side of rice and beans.

A vontage (a buffet) cost 9 reais, or about 4.5 bucks.

What direction do the toilets flush up there? On the other side of the equator, they're supposed to go different ways. But here, in Brazil it's a little different. They flush clockwise, counterclockwise, and straight down.

We burned a tie of an elder that finished his mission a while ago that smelled bad.

Here, they don't sell much refrigerated cows milk, it's specially treated so that you don't have to refrigerate it. It's in boxes and the milk that's sold here(at this moment) is good until 8/20/14

Also, there is pretty much no salsa here! Weird, right? Or hotsauce.

~Elder White~

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