Monday, May 12, 2014

Chilling in Brazil!!

Well, Brazil is a party, it's way sweet here. The missionary work here is wayy, wayy different from the states. We teach the same lessons and doctrine, and we have the same church meetings, but the culture of Brazil is just completely alien. It's very polite and crazy. Also, here's a cool analyzation of the good Samaritan parable. It's very interesting.

Also, I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't a mormon, I'd be an atheist because all of the other religions make some sense, but not enough. It's good.
So the area that I'm in right now is really weird. It's got plateaus, it's got some of the feel of south Fl but an African look with the plateaus and some of the dryness. It also has a bit of a mountainous look because of the plateaus and the cows that are everywhere. Also there are a bunch of cane fields around. Where I am right now is called Uberlandia. It's pretty cool here and I'm in the suburbs of it. (the sisters are generally in the more developed part because it's safer. The area here is less ghetto than my greenie area. It's got a 3rd world country feel here, but it's also really awesome here as well.

In the apartment, a cat used to visit and come in and go through trash and shed all over. Great, because I'm allergic to cats. So The first night I slept, I woke up a little congested and it weakens my immune system too. But all is well. 

Also, it's a little gross here because I was taking a shower, then I look down to see a roach on my leg. I shook it off, and thankfully I was wearing flipflops (we never go barefoot anywhere) and I killed it.

Out of time, have a great week!

-Elder White

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