Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cento De Teinamento Missionário em São Paulo Brasil!

Então, eu sou em brazil! È muito legal, neh? Estou animado! Este semana pasado aqui era muito bom! Tivemos uma opportunidade para contactar pessoas. Foi otimo! Pudemos dar o livro de mórmons por pessoas. Eu vou escribir em ingles agora.
This past week was really great, we were able to practice a lot of Portuguese. It`s a lot better here to learn Portuguese because we´re completely immersed in the language and are speaking it all the time. It´s a good transition phase to be able to get used to the complete culture shock gradually. It´s really weird though, b/c I´m really tired here. It´s weird, because I´ve never been this tired before. Maybe it´s learning a new language, it´s interesting. But I should be better within a few weeks and my body´ll adjust.
For all the meals, there´s all the guaraná that you can get, all the juice, and rice and beans too. What is also cool is that I´m typing with a Brazilian keyboard. It´s pretty trippy because you can do all of the weird things like the pound sign and these things without having to go through a lot of effort. ~ ç ¨ ^ | and others. Also, I can now listen to non-motab music!! It´s way cool because, well, motab is a little boring. It´s not bad, but there´s better stuff to listen to out there. I´m just a little worried that my tastes have been changed to like motab though.
Well, the mtc is pretty cool and easy compared to the field, even though it´s annoying because we can´t really do anything else.
Ate logo!

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