Wednesday, April 30, 2014

FFLM! Almost Brazil!

Well, I don't have much time, but I had a really great time here in Boca, Went to a gospel doctrine class in Portuguese and a baptismal service in Portuguese also.

Also, I've been biking for the past three transfers and it's rained the first day for the past three months. It's crazy! First day of the transfer, biking through the rain. Fun, right?

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow to Brazil. I hope you all have a safe week! And real quick, 

See y'all in about 1.4 years!!

Elder White

Cento De Teinamento Missionário em São Paulo Brasil!

Então, eu sou em brazil! È muito legal, neh? Estou animado! Este semana pasado aqui era muito bom! Tivemos uma opportunidade para contactar pessoas. Foi otimo! Pudemos dar o livro de mórmons por pessoas. Eu vou escribir em ingles agora.
This past week was really great, we were able to practice a lot of Portuguese. It`s a lot better here to learn Portuguese because we´re completely immersed in the language and are speaking it all the time. It´s a good transition phase to be able to get used to the complete culture shock gradually. It´s really weird though, b/c I´m really tired here. It´s weird, because I´ve never been this tired before. Maybe it´s learning a new language, it´s interesting. But I should be better within a few weeks and my body´ll adjust.
For all the meals, there´s all the guaraná that you can get, all the juice, and rice and beans too. What is also cool is that I´m typing with a Brazilian keyboard. It´s pretty trippy because you can do all of the weird things like the pound sign and these things without having to go through a lot of effort. ~ ç ¨ ^ | and others. Also, I can now listen to non-motab music!! It´s way cool because, well, motab is a little boring. It´s not bad, but there´s better stuff to listen to out there. I´m just a little worried that my tastes have been changed to like motab though.
Well, the mtc is pretty cool and easy compared to the field, even though it´s annoying because we can´t really do anything else.
Ate logo!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The food here is interesting, it tastes good, but most of it has a weird foreign touch to it. I'm at the MTC again, and it feels about the same as when I was in the MTC in Provo. But my work ethic is better and we're almost completely immersed here. it's great, have a great week till Wednesday! (that's when p-day is)
In 11 days, I'll be with companions that are teaching in Portuguese and I'll be able to do it too! (in goias)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 23: FFLM soon to be Brazil!

This past week was also a lot of fun! I got settled down with my companion and the area and we got the area hopping and now I'm going somewhere else! It's going to be so much fun! Also, I've also been able to stay healthy here in this area and was able to find a lot more motivation/drive for missionary work even though the area that I'm in right now is classified as one of the more difficult areas.

This past week with Elder Br. was also really good, like the last 5 weeks. I was able to continue working hard with him and continue helping the area do better and progress. Elder Br. and his trainee will do amazing here in Davie. We biked a lot and I'm trying to not get lax. Also, I'm really glad that I was able to be put in davie north with Elder Br.. I was able to learn a lot and do some good things here.
This past week, we were able to see a great miracle! Elder Br. and I were biking and there's a guy resting against a fence and we almost bike by him, but Elder Br. stops and asks him if we can pray for him. We started talking to him and he had a broken foot and was walking back home and was a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict. He said that he was thinking about getting some alcohol from the store and then because we stopped and prayed with him he said that he wasn't going to go to the store and that he knew God sent us to him so that he wouldn't drink and then relapse to heroin. I was really glad that we were led to go to him and be able to help him out. By small and simple things the lord brings to pass great and marvelous things. Miracles! All over the place ! It's amazing here! (this happens every day multiple times a day)

The website was also talked about by our mission president. He said it was a really good movie and it was! It's a really great opportunity to spread the message about Easter and help people to be able to come to church.

We will also have the opportunity this Saturday of hearing from :Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Council of the Twelve Apostles. We will also have Bishop Gary E. Stevens of the Presiding Bishopric, Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Stephen E. Thompson of the Seventy attending as well.

It's going to be straight revelation for a few hours on missionary work. It's going to be soooo good!

I was at a member's house and they love to play board games! And this is just one part of the house! They have toooons!!

More stuff next Monday, I don't have time. Bye!

Oh, I forgot the most important detail of the week: I GOT MY VISA!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 22: FFLM Experience

This past week was pretty good, as usual. We biked a lot and were able to get in better shape.

Something interesting that most missionaries do and say in this mission is the word "super" so we hear the word super good all the time and that things are going to be super amazing and gross stuff like that, all the time. But, something that I've been saying since before the mission and is starting to catch on here is "soo good" and "too good." Because they are preferable phrases to the word "super."

Well, I decided that I may as well talk about some investigators in my e-mails now.
We taught one of our investigators the restoration this past week. We saw him two days later and he said that he had "looked up this Thomas S. Monson guy on Wikipedia and YouTube. It was weird, because when I was reading about him, I started smiling. And it was weird, I was looking at when and where he was born, and just started smiling. Also, I went onto YouTube and saw a few of his talks. They were really good. Especially the one that was right after his wife died." We were able to tie it into true prophets and the feelings that we get through the Holy Ghost. He was able to feel the spirit and finally start progressing. Miracle! It's pretty great!

General conference was really good, All of them threw down really hard. One quote that was interesting was "The earth will not glide calmly into the second coming." Pretty crazy right? We need to do our best to hasten the work because things are going to get rough. My favorites were Packer, Nelson, Oak, Bednar, Holland, and Christofferson. 

This past week, one thing that stuck out to me was in 1 Nephi chapter 20. Isaiah basically talks about how men are insignificant and that we are terrible sinners that betray god. Read it, it's pretty interesting, especially before verse 10. It was interesting. We are all here to experience things of the world and try our best to not stay in it. But, as it quotes in verse 10, "for behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction." So even though we go through things, we get refined by things. We are here to be tested, and if we sit back and let it whiz by, we won't do too well in life, but we need to let ourselves progress and repent and be "refined." It's kinda like what Bednar was talking about in his talk. We get loads to go somewhere. And without loads, we go nowhere and aren't "refined." Man is nothing, but we are being shaped here on earth in our probationary state to be pure/refined into something truly great.

Also, because the temple is in our area, we biked to it on Saturday morning to meet an investigator there! It was awesome! 15 miles there and 15 back. No big deal. The funny thing is that if it was 4 years ago, that would've killed me. Gotta love being in biking shape!

Also we were at a recent convert's house and he whipped out his trumpet and started playing Tijuana brass music. pretty cool. Then I washed out the mouthpiece and tried to play some things. It's been quite some time since I've done that. Also I've learned how to play some of the skyfall music on the piano. Far out!

Have a great week! Bye!