Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 21: FFLM Experience

I think the mission is really awesome, that about sums it up. But to go into a few details...

To go to the temple open house, we have to have an investigator/nonmember with us. Which is good, because it helps to provide motivation to bring them to the temple. This past Saturday, we were able to go with someone on the first day of the open house! It's way awesome to be able to do all of this. We rode with the member, so we had a guy with us. He's also really awesome. He recently got off his mission from Argentina within the past month, so he's still really down to do any missionary work. 

The week before we were able to go to a members house for a convert baptism in a pool (the font is getting remodeled). Before, we were able to stop by the temple and look at it from far away and wish that we could go inside.

Also, if you notice, I'm a little bit skinnier now than I was in Belle Glade, thanks to the biking. My legs are also cannons. They're huge. The pants I wear are supposed to be loose-ish, but they're actually a little tight. It's crazy! But they've been like this for quite a while.

We were also able to see meal calendar miracles! The missionaries before us were a little lax in their efforts and so the area was a little run down and the ward didn't like the missionaries as much. But, with us two here (Elder Br. and I), we are strengthening ward relationships and getting things done and building the area. So Last week we were blessed to be fed every single day! It's a blessing, considering how much we eat in a month. And it tastes wayy better than most stuff we cook for ourselves. Basically the ward that we're in is awesome and the missionaries before missed out on a lot of really great things. And it's got a lot of students in it and everyone is down to come out with us. This area, once the area starts hopping again, will truly BOOM.

Well, have a great week!

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