Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 19: FFLM Experience

This past week was really great, as usual. I think that I've morphed into a way better missionary than before(the greenie years) and I know that I can continue to improve. It's going to be good. Something interesting is that I hit my 6-month mark on the 25th! It's really weird how time flies. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be talking about this for my whole mission.

There's an interesting phenomenon that I've been able to observe in my short time as a missionary. Even though it seemed fast, my training period was actually pretty slow compared to now. Every transfer (6 weeks) is just going by faster and faster. It's really great here. And this is already the third week of the transfer, which is very weird. But, I'm excited to see how it goes in a year from now.

This past week, Elder Br. and I have been trying to boost the area and find a lot of people to see, so we've been doing a lot of contacting and not much else. So you know how contacting people all day seems to stink a lot? Well, strangely it wasn't that way with Elder Br., and I think in this mission as a whole. It truly is a great mission here, and is really obedient. It's going to be interesting going to Brazil.

Something that stuck out to me in my reading of the Book of Mormon was how Laman and Lemuel were united with Nephi and their dad for their physical survival, but not spiritual survival. They would go out and hunt with Nephi and bring back food for everyone and do things together like that. But, they would forget why they were doing some things and wonder why. Then they started murmuring. They were quick to forget. We need to make sure to be quick to remember and keep always in our head our purpose and why we are doing things to be able to continue progressing as people and missionaries. Because when we don't lose hold of our vision, success doesn't become luck or come by chance. When we hold onto our vision and remember why we are trying to go to fulfill the vision, it's really hard to be discouraged and slack off when you understand why you are doing it. Laman and Lemuel would remember sometimes, and get rebuked many times, because even if they had the vision, they would forget why they had the vision, or their purpose.

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