Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 18: FFLM Experience!

This past week was really good! I have a new companion now and I can now go to Walmart instead of Winn-Dixie! (Winn-Dixie is pretty much twice the price of Walmart)

My new companion's name is Elder Br.. He's super cool. And, he's from Arizona. He likes playing sports and is a really good missionary. He also likes to play sports and be really active. He's the guy who's 3rd from the left. Also, I'm in the area called the Davie North area. It's a city that's pretty big and full of a lot of white people. It's pretty great. It's a car share area too, so we bike a lot. For example, this past Thursday, we biked over 40 miles. Super good, I can see myself finally getting into shape since dislocating my elbow. Another interesting thing is that I hit my 6 month mark on the 25th of this month. Suuuuper weird! The time feels like I haven't even been out for a month. But it's been almost 6! Almost half a year already! I'm pretty sure that It'll pass even faster the longer I'm here for.
The Davie ward is really nice. I'm glad that there are at least a few Brazilians here so that I can practice once a week on Sunday speaking with them instead of never hearing the language. It's really nice because it's amazing practice for going to Brazil! Sometime, I hope to go there. I would love to go. Also, the mission that I'm in right now has a culture of obedience and so I can take the good habits that I learned here and take it to Brazil and whip them into shape.

An interesting thing that happened this week while we were tracting was when we ran into this lady who was walking her dog right next to her house. Her dog tried to eat either a toad or frog and it got stuck in the dog's throat. Also, something about frogs in southern FL is that some of them are poisonous. She then proceeded to take a hose and get water into her dog's mouth to try and get her dog to open it's mouth so she could take out the frog. But the dog was moving and she couldn't get much water in. So being a previous wrestler, I told her that I would hold the dog down while she tried to get water down. I hold the dog down, she gets water in it's mouth, and then the dog swallows the frog/toad. Not good, but the dog was at least breathing then, which is good. Then we leave the lady, and the story still has yet to be continued...

Also, in a different place we were proselyting and came across a person that made soaps. She was making soaps at the time that we knocked on her door and she felt prompted to give us some. She was making soap that was made out of Frankincense and Myrrh! And she gave us some! It was suuuuuper cool! So, now I know what they smell like too!

Something weird that happened last night is that I dreamed that today was St. Patrick's day and that I wore St. Patrick's day socks. It was really trippy but I'm pretty sure that it's on the 14th. But it was interesting. I've had a lot more dreams on my mission than I have in a long time. It's because of this one Elder that was keeping a dream journal and he talked about it all the time. Well, now I've started one and it actually helps and is wayyy interesting. Because my brain is really weird, so I have really trippy dreams that are super weird. But it's really interesting.
Also, now that I'm here, I'm pretty sure that the mail system is working better because I live right next to the mission office. It's really nice!
-Mary Ann Side Note: Let's write to him this week and remind him that we love him.

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