Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 17: The FFLM Experience! (Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission)

I'm super pumped today, and I don't know why. It just seems like a really awesome day today. And week. So, here's some news that's happened in this past week. And on the blog, there's some really cool pictures! Super legit!!
All right, sooooo here it goes!
So, something I never included in previous e-mails is that at the MTC, I was able to develop and work on an amazing talent. This talent, I feel, can be used in many various occasions to both impress people and make
someone seem much more interesting. This talent is... I can speak like YODA! It's pretty legit! I go like, when 900 years old you get, and then start laughing in the Yoda voice. It's a lot of fun to mess around that way. I would do that and still do it and quote other random things that Yoda
says. Needless to say, it's a talent worth keeping!
Also, this past week I went to click my pen, and this is when I'm tired, mind you, and I clicked the tip! Oh man! It hurrrt. It also drew a little blood. But, it makes for a good and weird story. Also, I may have a blue spot on my thumb after it heals up, which will lead up to it.

Transfers is happening this week and I'm getting transferred! My old companion, Elder R. is going to be training these next two transfers in Belle Glade. And I find out tomorrow morning where I'm going! It's going to be a trip!

Also, Elder R. and I were able to help some amazing investigators get married on Friday! It was a really good experience and I can't wait to see pictures of them in the temple in a year! They are super solid and love the church and the idea of eternal families. It was amazing being able to see them to be able to change their lives around so much.

This past week, I was able to read in the Book of Mormon about becoming like a child. In 3 Nephi, Jesus says that if we become like little children and come unto him, we can basically enter into the kingdom of God. So I went through and looked for attributes that children had in the Book of Mormon and found that a lot of the attributes that children have are like Christ. I also found some other cool things about kids. In the scriptures it says that children are alive in Christ. It is true. We try our whole lives to grow up when we are children, but when we grow up we need to try our hardest to become like a child. It's an interesting cycle.

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