Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 21: FFLM Experience

I think the mission is really awesome, that about sums it up. But to go into a few details...

To go to the temple open house, we have to have an investigator/nonmember with us. Which is good, because it helps to provide motivation to bring them to the temple. This past Saturday, we were able to go with someone on the first day of the open house! It's way awesome to be able to do all of this. We rode with the member, so we had a guy with us. He's also really awesome. He recently got off his mission from Argentina within the past month, so he's still really down to do any missionary work. 

The week before we were able to go to a members house for a convert baptism in a pool (the font is getting remodeled). Before, we were able to stop by the temple and look at it from far away and wish that we could go inside.

Also, if you notice, I'm a little bit skinnier now than I was in Belle Glade, thanks to the biking. My legs are also cannons. They're huge. The pants I wear are supposed to be loose-ish, but they're actually a little tight. It's crazy! But they've been like this for quite a while.

We were also able to see meal calendar miracles! The missionaries before us were a little lax in their efforts and so the area was a little run down and the ward didn't like the missionaries as much. But, with us two here (Elder Br. and I), we are strengthening ward relationships and getting things done and building the area. So Last week we were blessed to be fed every single day! It's a blessing, considering how much we eat in a month. And it tastes wayy better than most stuff we cook for ourselves. Basically the ward that we're in is awesome and the missionaries before missed out on a lot of really great things. And it's got a lot of students in it and everyone is down to come out with us. This area, once the area starts hopping again, will truly BOOM.

Well, have a great week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 20: FFLM Experience!

Well, this week I don't have much time, but.....

Something y'all should check out and maybe watch live is the Florida, Fort Lauderdale temple celebration. Whenever it is. You might just see someone there... like me, my companions, and the prophet.

Also, in my area is the temple. It's pretty sweet but that also means that the area is really rich. But that's okay, b/c we're still finding some cool peeps. And the open house is starting tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get some good referrals popping in soon.

Well, have a good week!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 19: FFLM Experience

This past week was really great, as usual. I think that I've morphed into a way better missionary than before(the greenie years) and I know that I can continue to improve. It's going to be good. Something interesting is that I hit my 6-month mark on the 25th! It's really weird how time flies. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be talking about this for my whole mission.

There's an interesting phenomenon that I've been able to observe in my short time as a missionary. Even though it seemed fast, my training period was actually pretty slow compared to now. Every transfer (6 weeks) is just going by faster and faster. It's really great here. And this is already the third week of the transfer, which is very weird. But, I'm excited to see how it goes in a year from now.

This past week, Elder Br. and I have been trying to boost the area and find a lot of people to see, so we've been doing a lot of contacting and not much else. So you know how contacting people all day seems to stink a lot? Well, strangely it wasn't that way with Elder Br., and I think in this mission as a whole. It truly is a great mission here, and is really obedient. It's going to be interesting going to Brazil.

Something that stuck out to me in my reading of the Book of Mormon was how Laman and Lemuel were united with Nephi and their dad for their physical survival, but not spiritual survival. They would go out and hunt with Nephi and bring back food for everyone and do things together like that. But, they would forget why they were doing some things and wonder why. Then they started murmuring. They were quick to forget. We need to make sure to be quick to remember and keep always in our head our purpose and why we are doing things to be able to continue progressing as people and missionaries. Because when we don't lose hold of our vision, success doesn't become luck or come by chance. When we hold onto our vision and remember why we are trying to go to fulfill the vision, it's really hard to be discouraged and slack off when you understand why you are doing it. Laman and Lemuel would remember sometimes, and get rebuked many times, because even if they had the vision, they would forget why they had the vision, or their purpose.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 18: FFLM Experience!

This past week was really good! I have a new companion now and I can now go to Walmart instead of Winn-Dixie! (Winn-Dixie is pretty much twice the price of Walmart)

My new companion's name is Elder Br.. He's super cool. And, he's from Arizona. He likes playing sports and is a really good missionary. He also likes to play sports and be really active. He's the guy who's 3rd from the left. Also, I'm in the area called the Davie North area. It's a city that's pretty big and full of a lot of white people. It's pretty great. It's a car share area too, so we bike a lot. For example, this past Thursday, we biked over 40 miles. Super good, I can see myself finally getting into shape since dislocating my elbow. Another interesting thing is that I hit my 6 month mark on the 25th of this month. Suuuuper weird! The time feels like I haven't even been out for a month. But it's been almost 6! Almost half a year already! I'm pretty sure that It'll pass even faster the longer I'm here for.
The Davie ward is really nice. I'm glad that there are at least a few Brazilians here so that I can practice once a week on Sunday speaking with them instead of never hearing the language. It's really nice because it's amazing practice for going to Brazil! Sometime, I hope to go there. I would love to go. Also, the mission that I'm in right now has a culture of obedience and so I can take the good habits that I learned here and take it to Brazil and whip them into shape.

An interesting thing that happened this week while we were tracting was when we ran into this lady who was walking her dog right next to her house. Her dog tried to eat either a toad or frog and it got stuck in the dog's throat. Also, something about frogs in southern FL is that some of them are poisonous. She then proceeded to take a hose and get water into her dog's mouth to try and get her dog to open it's mouth so she could take out the frog. But the dog was moving and she couldn't get much water in. So being a previous wrestler, I told her that I would hold the dog down while she tried to get water down. I hold the dog down, she gets water in it's mouth, and then the dog swallows the frog/toad. Not good, but the dog was at least breathing then, which is good. Then we leave the lady, and the story still has yet to be continued...

Also, in a different place we were proselyting and came across a person that made soaps. She was making soaps at the time that we knocked on her door and she felt prompted to give us some. She was making soap that was made out of Frankincense and Myrrh! And she gave us some! It was suuuuuper cool! So, now I know what they smell like too!

Something weird that happened last night is that I dreamed that today was St. Patrick's day and that I wore St. Patrick's day socks. It was really trippy but I'm pretty sure that it's on the 14th. But it was interesting. I've had a lot more dreams on my mission than I have in a long time. It's because of this one Elder that was keeping a dream journal and he talked about it all the time. Well, now I've started one and it actually helps and is wayyy interesting. Because my brain is really weird, so I have really trippy dreams that are super weird. But it's really interesting.
Also, now that I'm here, I'm pretty sure that the mail system is working better because I live right next to the mission office. It's really nice!
-Mary Ann Side Note: Let's write to him this week and remind him that we love him.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 17: The FFLM Experience! (Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission)

I'm super pumped today, and I don't know why. It just seems like a really awesome day today. And week. So, here's some news that's happened in this past week. And on the blog, there's some really cool pictures! Super legit!!
All right, sooooo here it goes!
So, something I never included in previous e-mails is that at the MTC, I was able to develop and work on an amazing talent. This talent, I feel, can be used in many various occasions to both impress people and make
someone seem much more interesting. This talent is... I can speak like YODA! It's pretty legit! I go like, when 900 years old you get, and then start laughing in the Yoda voice. It's a lot of fun to mess around that way. I would do that and still do it and quote other random things that Yoda
says. Needless to say, it's a talent worth keeping!
Also, this past week I went to click my pen, and this is when I'm tired, mind you, and I clicked the tip! Oh man! It hurrrt. It also drew a little blood. But, it makes for a good and weird story. Also, I may have a blue spot on my thumb after it heals up, which will lead up to it.

Transfers is happening this week and I'm getting transferred! My old companion, Elder R. is going to be training these next two transfers in Belle Glade. And I find out tomorrow morning where I'm going! It's going to be a trip!

Also, Elder R. and I were able to help some amazing investigators get married on Friday! It was a really good experience and I can't wait to see pictures of them in the temple in a year! They are super solid and love the church and the idea of eternal families. It was amazing being able to see them to be able to change their lives around so much.

This past week, I was able to read in the Book of Mormon about becoming like a child. In 3 Nephi, Jesus says that if we become like little children and come unto him, we can basically enter into the kingdom of God. So I went through and looked for attributes that children had in the Book of Mormon and found that a lot of the attributes that children have are like Christ. I also found some other cool things about kids. In the scriptures it says that children are alive in Christ. It is true. We try our whole lives to grow up when we are children, but when we grow up we need to try our hardest to become like a child. It's an interesting cycle.