Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 16: The Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Experience!

This past week was rather interesting. I have been able to observe the effects of having a Mexican companion and have some weird occurrences happen.

So, I was driving down the street a couple days ago, and there are always scavengers and birds just chilling in the street and I drilled a bird. I was driving, the bird was in my pathway, it took off, and started flying away and I tapped it from behind. It was okay though. But really interesting and spiced the day up a little.

Also, I taught my first lesson in Spanish this past week too. It was a little rough, but I was able to get the message across. (my companion was on exchanges and I taught the lesson with a kreyol speaking elder) It was really interesting and cool. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Brazil sometime soon and have lessons in Portuguese soon.

Another interesting thing: there are some messed up names here in belle glade. Baby's dads don't want to give the baby's the last name and don't really want to be in their children's lives, but they definitely want to leave their mark on their life for a worse turn. There are some crazy names here, such as Glentasia (glen), and Thomassine (Thomas) and some other weird names that I've seen. So whenever people were naming their children Goodson or Thompson, they were doing the same thing. Crazy, right? But it became an accepted name. Maybe names like Glentasia will start becoming more mainstream and normal, just a scary thought to put out there. 

And finally, because I've had a Mexican companion, I have been able to gain more of an appreciation for spicy things. Now, say if I would go to taco bell, instead of using the green sauce, I would just use the fire sauce. It's only gaining a new perspective on the thing for spiciness. Spiciness is more like a flavor and not a discomfort if you look at it right. Also, I have had a few more things that are spicy also. It's a new step for me and it's not really that bad.

Also, all of the stuff that has been sent to me in the mail hasn't been sent to me. It's super weird. Hopefully they'll be able to find their way to me.

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